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Pasta with Fennel


... always one-dish affairs, and last night I began to match up some other ingredients: leeks (they had also looked good), and celery (now that I had fennel and leeks, I was being drawn to something where texture was nudging texture, and green ... more pages

Potato Leek Soup Recipe - Potato-Leek Soup Recipe

frenchfood.about.com/od/soupsandstews/r/Potato-Leek-Soup-Recipe.h ...

... Discuss in my forum Potato Leek Soup Recipe By Rebecca Franklin Top Related Searches potato leek soup recipe medium leeks bouquet garni potato leek soup chicken stock salt and pepper This potato leek soup recipe has been in my family for ... more pages

Cook's Thesaurus: Green Onions & Leeks


... .  green onion  = scallion = bunching onion = shallot (in Australia) = spring onion (in Britain) = Chinese onion = stone leek = cibol    Equivalents:   1 bunch = 1/4 pound = 1/2 cup sliced   Notes:  These are onions that have ... more pages

LEEK - 735 recipes - Petitchef


... CHEF Appetizer | Starter | Main Dish | Dessert | Drink | Side dish | Other Advanced search Petitchef Recipes Leek 735 recipes INGREDIENTS   Leek (735)   Garlic (350)   Onion (320)   Clove (287)   Chicken (244)   Carrot (229)   ... more pages

quinoa-leek-currants recipe from FatFree


... 12:34:25 PST From: Michelle Dick (artemis) This makes a large amount, you can halve the recipe if you need to. QUINOA WITH LEEK AND CURRANTS 1 3/4 cup quinoa 2 2/3 cup vegetable stock (or water) 4 small leeks 1/2 cup canned tomatoes (or 2 ... more pages

Hookery Cookery - Recipe: Cawl Cennin (Leek broth)


Hookery Cookery - Recipe: Cawl Cennin (Leek broth) Hookery Cookery Home > Welsh Re-cipes > Cawl Cennin (Leek broth) Description/Notes: A warm and wholesome broth on a cold winter's day. Ingredients: a piece of salt bacon 450g (1lb) ... more pages

FoodTale: LEEKS


FoodTale: LEEKS "By this leek I will most horribly revenge" --William Shakespeare: Henry V: V, 1 "What are poireaux?" "Leeks." "It looks like long, green, quite big onions," young Tom said. "Only it's not bright shiny like onions. ... more pages

French Recipes - Traditional French Food and Desserts


... King with Creamy Mushroom Sauce This Tangy Carolina Coleslaw Is Perfect For Barbe-cues Must Reads French Street Foods Potato Leek Soup Recipe Spinach Souffle Recipe Chicken Nicoise Salad Recipe Favorite Strawberry Recipes Rebecca Franklin ... more pages

Spaghetti Carbonara with Leeks and Pancetta Recipe | MyRecipes.com

www.myrecipes.com/recipe/spaghetti-carbonara-with-leeks-pancetta- ...

... black pepper 1/8 teaspoon salt 1 large egg 1 large egg white 1/2 cup chopped pancetta (about 2 ounces) 2 cups thinly sliced leek (about 2 large) 2 garlic cloves, minced 2 tabl-espoons chopped fresh flat-leaf parsley Preparation Cook pasta ... more pages

Leek tart - video recipe !, Recipe Petitchef

en.petitchef.com/recipes/main-dish/leek-tart-video-recipe-fid-156 ...

... | Dessert | Drink | Side dish | Other Advanced search Petitchef Recipes Leek tart - video recipe ! Leek tart - video recipe ! By PetitChef_Official A tasty tart, easy to bake ! Just enjoy some leek in a simple and great way ! Recipe type: ... more pages

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