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HOASM: The Cantata


HOASM: The Cantata VD: The Cantata A cantata in the 17th century meant essentially a piece for one or two voices, occasionally three, composed of several discrete sections ex-ploiting diverse styles, usually accompanied by no instruments ... more pages

HOASM: Spiritual Concerto and Church Cantata


HOASM: Spiritual Concerto and Church Cantata VIF: Spiritual Concerto and Church Cantata German music of the early and middle baroque was inextricably interwoven with the paraly-zing religious and political struggles of the nation. The Thirty ... more pages

Johann Sebastian BACH Cantata 198: The TRAUER ODE. Illustrated ...


Johann Sebastian BACH Cantata 198: The TRAUER ODE. Illustrated history, full text and music samples. Johann Sebastian BACH: Cantata 198: The TRAUER ODE for the Funeral of Queen Christiane Eberhardine of Poland/Saxony. Performed at a special ... more pages

Bach Festivals & Cantata Series: Main Page


... Year 2012 | Year 2011 | Year 2010 | Year 2009 Bach Festivals & Cantata Series - Main Page This section of the Bach Cantatas Website (BCW) contains all known Bach Festivals & Cantata Series around the world and aims to document ... more pages



... of architecture and structural design; the science of systematizing knowledge. Aria: Movement from an opera , oratorio , or cantata for solo or duo voices as opposed to full chorus. The melodic, lyrical, and often virtuoso , characteristic ... more pages

Cantata Editions


... le frondi : mezzo-soprano, strings & continuo Alessandro Scarlatti Cantata notturna : soprano, violins & continuo Cantata Pastorale, 1716 : voice, 2 violins & continuo Cantata pastorale: O di Betlemme altera : soprano/alto, ... more pages

Mayr's cantata for Beethoven - Ludwig van Beethoven's website


Mayr's cantata for Beethoven - Ludwig van Beethoven's website Johann Simon Mayr's cantata Johann Simon Mayr (1763-1845) was a Bavarian composer, but quickly established himself in Italy. His main successes were his operas. In ... more pages



J.S.Bach more pages

HOASM: The Research Periods


... (17th Century) Series A: Monody and the Vocal Concerto Series B: Claudio Monteverdi Series C: The Toccata Series D: The Cantata Series E: The Sonata Series F: Naples Series G: Sacred Music in the Seicento Series H Early Oratorio VI. GERMAN ... more pages

Home Page


 Home Page Dorset Bach Cantata Club   WELCOME TO OUR BACH CANTATA GROUP    We have now passed our 60th anniversary and are going on as timelessly as Bach himself.  From our beginnings as an adjunct to the London Bach Society we have ... more pages

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