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Chorale prelude - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Chorale prelude - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Chorale prelude From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation , search Autograph manuscript of the chorale prelude Wie schön leuchtet der Morgenstern , BWV 739, 1705 In music, a ... more pages



... organ work, composed for use in a Protestant service, that develops motives from a hymn ( chorale ) or uses that hymn as a cantus firmus . Chorale Fantasia: a chorale prelude that employs an ornamented version of the chorale melody as ... more pages

Course Descriptions | School of Music | University of Southern Maine


... of literature, and performs at least one major concert per semester. Prerequisite: audition. Cr 0.5. MUS 401 University Chorale A choral ensemble for mixed voices open to all Univer-sity students through audition. The Chorale sings ... more pages

BWV & BWV Anh Lists


... Chorales BWV 651-668 Clavier-Übung III, BWV 552, BWVV 669-689 Kirnberger Chor-ales BWV 690-713 Chorale Preludes BWV 714-740 Chorale Preludes BWV 741-765 Chorale Partitas / Variations BWV 766-771 Keyboard Works BWV 772-994 Inventions & ... more pages

Musical Terms | Music Glossary: Terminology | Dictionary - A-C


... Castrato Cavatina Celesta Cello Cembalo Chaconne Chamber music Chamber orchestra Chanson Chant Chapel Choir Chorale Chorale prelude Chord Chorus Chromatic Clarinet Clarino Classical Clavichord Clef Coda Coloratura Comédie lyrique • ... more pages

Niels Wilhelm Gade - Festival chorale prelude for organ ("Lobet den ...


... ( forgot? ) Log In LOGOUT  Welcome   Home Composers G N.Gade Keyboard Works Festival chorale prelude for ... Work Niels Wilhelm Gade Composer Festival chorale prelude for organ ("Lobet den Herren") Performances: 1 Tracks: 1 Convert with ... more pages

Max Reger - Komm susser Tod, chorale prelude - Classical Archives


... ist erstanden von dem Tod, chorale prelude  Reger   52 Easy Chorale Preludes, Op.67  Brahms   Choral Prelude and Fugue in A- on 'O Traurigkeit, o Herzeleid', WoO7  Bruckner   Prelude and Fugue in C-, WAB131  Vaughan Williams ... more pages

Wilhelm Kempff Discography


... [1975 April Hannover]. $2530 723 Chorale Prelude, S. 307, Es ist gewisslich an der Zeit, mixed with S. 734, Nun freut euch, lieben Christen g'mein (arr. Kempff). P'76 [1975 April Hannover]. $2530 647 Chorale Prelude, S. 639, Ich ... more pages

Max Reger - Christ ist erstanden von dem Tod, chorale prelude - ...


... 3 Convert with free converter ABOUT RECORDINGS ALBUMS Loading... Musicology: Christ ist erstanden von dem Tod, chorale prelude Genre: Prelude / Fugue Pr. Instrument: Organ There are no reviews for this work. Select a performer for this ... more pages

Flor Peeters. MIDI (free download) & MIDI/ZIP


... Fugues and Fugal compositions from the [selected] organ works: 30 Chorale Preludes, Op. 68 30 Chorale Preludes, Op. 69 30 Chorale Preludes, Op. 70 30 Chorale Preludes on Gregorian Hymns, Op. 75 30 Chorale Preludes on Gregorian Hymns, Op. ... more pages

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