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The Symphony - Glossary


... and chords. Composers in the 16th and 17th centuries experimented with chromaticism, but it took the music of Richard Wagner to truly explore its possibilities. The intense chro-maticism of Late Romantic music prompted Schoenberg to invent ... more pages

Chromaticism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Chromaticism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Chromaticism From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation , search Chromatic fourth : lament bass bassline in Dm (D-C ♯ -C( ♮ )-B-B ♭ -A)   Play   ( help · info ) . ... more pages

Arthur Duff


...     "He was content to leave unexplored the impressive intricacies of the symphony, refusing the flamboyance of modern chromaticism, and he composed usually in a vein of gentle, poetic melancholy, which was unerringly shaped to give ... more pages



Chromaticism APPENDIX A: VOICE LEADING OVERVIEW Chromaticism - Background 16th century polyphony is essentially a modal system. Chromatic alternation of notes was only carried out according to certain rules referred to as musica ficta . This ... more pages



Chromaticism Sunday, 1:30 pm–3:00 pm Chromaticism Chair: David Gagné (Queens College, CUNY) Polarity and Chromatic Harmony in Liszt's Symphonic Poem Hamlet Patty Howland (Hunter College, CUNY) A New Theory of Sixteenth- and Seventeenth ... more pages

HOASM: Cipriano de Rore


... and contrasts. His preference was for serious, highflown poetry. To some particularly intense texts he responded with daring chromaticism and modulations. A Partial Cipriano de Rore Discography  |  IVN: The Venetian Style  |   IVO: ... more pages

HOASM: The Cinquecento outside Venice and Rome


... voice and the superius or by having only the three top parts sung; and Gesualdo , whose sacred works reveal the liking for chromaticism so conspicuous in his madrigals. Florence, Bologna, Modena, and Ferrara At Florence , interest was very ... more pages

HOASM: Orlandus Lassus


... such as the Prophetiae Sibyllarum. This cyclic work was probably composed at an early date in Italy and exhibits an extreme chromaticism not elsewhere to be found in Lassus's output. It was preserved in a manuscript of 1560 but was ... more pages

HOASM: Thomas Weelkes


... which close each part lending an air of total resignation. The second part, Hence care, is remarkable for its extreme chromaticism redolent of Carlo Gesualdo's mannerist Italian madrigals. The other work, Thule, the period of cosmograp ... more pages

HOASM: Giles Farnaby


... Humour and Farnaby's Dreame. The first of these gives a whimsical picture of his char-acter, mixing playful melody with chromaticism and jibing at earnest contrapuntal elaboration. A Partial Giles Farnaby Discography  |  IV M: England ... more pages

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