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HOASM: Johann Sebastian Bach


HOASM: Johann Sebastian Bach IX: Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) Johann Seb-astian Bach was born into the musical family of Bachs in Eisenach in 1685. 1 His father, Johann Ambrosius Bach, had held the post of a court trumpeter in Eisenach ... more pages

HOASM: Johann Christian Bach


HOASM: Johann Christian Bach Johann Christian Bach (1735 - 1782) German composer; youngest surviving son of J. S. Bach. His early music instruction was with his father and, after 1750, with his half-brother Emanuel, who was 21 years his ... more pages

HOASM: Johann Christoph Bach


... to be distingished from Johann Christoph Bach (9) , son of Christoph Bach and twin brother of Johann Ambrosius , J.S. Bach's father, and also from Johann Christoph (14), older brother of J. S. Bach. Johann Christoph Bach composed ... more pages

Johann Sebastian Bach - IMDb


... | Help Sign in STARmeter SEE RANK Down 8,678 this week View rank on IMDbPro » Johann Sebastian Bach (1685–1750) Soundtrack | Music Department | Composer Johann Sebastian Bach was born on March 21, 1685, in Eisenach, Thuringia, Germany, ... more pages

HOASM: Johann Ambrosius Bach


HOASM: Johann Ambrosius Bach Johann Ambrosius Bach (1645 - 1695) Portrait of Johann Ambrosius Bach owned by his grandson, Philipp Emmanuel Bach, now in the Berlin Libr-ary. Probably painted by an employee of the Eisenach court. Organist of ... more pages

Bach, Johann Sebastian: Contemporaries


Bach, Johann Sebastian: Contemporaries Site ©1996 Timothy A. Smith NAU School Author Bach's World Courses J. S. Bach Contemporaries List includes individuals whose lives did not overlap Bach's but whom Carl Philip Emanuel identified ... more pages

HOASM: Johann Bernhard Bach


HOASM: Johann Bernhard Bach Johann Bernhard Bach (1676 - 1749) German organist and composer. Elder son of Johann Egidius Bach . Clearly an eminent organist, because after he had served at Erfurt's Kaufmannskirche his reputation was so ... more pages

HOASM: Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach


HOASM: Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach (1732 - 1795) German composer; eldest surviving son of J. S. and Anna Magdalena Bach. He received early training in music from his father and later enrolled to study law ... more pages

HOASM: The Works of Johann Sebastian Bach


HOASM: The Works of Johann Sebastian Bach IX. The Works of Johann Sebastian Bach In the first half of the Eighteenth Century two great masters (Bach and Handel), sum up the whole development of European music. Bach, building on the German ... more pages

HOASM: Johann Ernst Bach


HOASM: Johann Ernst Bach Johann Ernst Bach (1722 - 1777) German composer and or-ganist. Only son of Johann Bernhard Bach. Became a scholar of St Thomas's school in Leipzig and while there lived with and was taught by Johann Sebastian , ... more pages

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