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... long resident at the University of Tennessee. His music ranges from the pedestrian to, at its best, a Peter Mennin neo-classicism. I recommend the tight Fantasia, Chaconne, and Allegro for orchestra and the Music for Woodwinds , a ... more pages

Music History 102


... manticism , serialism and neo-classicism in the earlier years of the century, all of which were practiced at one time or another by Russian composer Igor Stravinsky . More recently, aleatory or "chance" music, neo-romanticism , and ... more pages

Music History 102


... the devil. In the end, of course, the devil is triumphant. In 1920, Stravinsky settled in Paris, and entered a period of neo-classicism , in which he composed music modeled on the styles and forms, if not the melodies and harmonies, of ... more pages

Neo-classicism music - Listen free at Last.fm


Neo-classicism music - Listen free at Last.fm Last.fm Site Search Loading Music Listen Events Charts Originals Join Login Neo-classicism Artists Albums Tracks Videos Wiki More… Neo-classicism was not an organized movement in music, but ... more pages

Neo-Classicism - Art History 101 Basics

arthistory.about.com/od/renaissancearthistory/a/Neo-Classicism-Ar ...

Neo-Classicism - Art History 101 Basics Education Art History Search Art History Artists Styles Works of Art Share Share this page on: Send to a Friend via Email Your suggestion is on its way! An email with a link to: http://arthistory.about ... more pages

Neo-classicism 音乐 - 在 Last.fm 免费收听


... 音乐 - 在 Last.fm 免费收听 Last.fm 网站搜索 加载 音乐 收听 活动 榜单 加入 登录 Neo-classicism 艺术家 专辑 曲目 视频 维基 更多内容... 播放 Neo-classicism 标签电台 标签为 “neo-classicism” ... more pages

Classical Archives: period: Modern


... , Alban Berg , Anton Webern ), Primitivism ( Stravinsky ), Folkorism ( Bartók , Leoš Janáček , Bohuslav Martinů ,), Neo-Classicism ( Stravinsky , Sergey Prokofiev , Darius Milhaud ), etc. By the mid-1930s, opposition to Modernism came ... more pages

Neoclassicism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


... virtues of the arts of Rome and Ancient Greece , and were more immediately drawn from 16th century Renaissance Classicism . Each "neo"- classicism selects some models among the range of possible classics that are available to it, and ... more pages

Neoclassicism (music) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


... two World Wars, in which composers sought to return to aesthetic precepts associated with the broadly defined concept of " classicism ", namely order, balance, clarity, econ-omy, and emotional restraint. As such, neoclassicism was a ... more pages

Music Department Course Descriptions at Pacific University


... the major trends in twentieth-century compositional thought and practice: chromatic to-nality, atonality, serialism, neo-classicism, nationalism, avant-gardism, etc. Emphasis will be on various composers, approaches to the problems of tonal ... more pages

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