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Pipa - A Chinese lute or guitar, its brief history, photos and music ...


... pipa (pre-Tang Dynasty or qin-pipa) [2] Tang pipa (straight neck) [3] Tang pipa (bent neck) [4] modern pipa Fig.1: Historical development of the pipa, a Chinese four stringed lute - an illustration of the time evolution from "qin-pipa" to ... more pages

Blue Pipa Welcome


Blue Pipa Welcome Blue Pipa, Inc.   /   Min Xiao-Fen WELCOME ENTER   WEBSITE   >>>   Painting by Min Xiao-Fen Blue Pipa, Inc., is a non-profit organization dedicated to the exploration of traditional and modern music from ... more pages

BLUE PIPA Official Website Mainpage - Welcome


...                 November 30, 2013 Saturday at 3pm         Blue Pipa, Inc. presents: "FROM HARLEM TO SHANGHAI AND BACK" Pipa master Min Xiao-Fen and her Blue Pipa Trio Interpretations of the work of jazz trumpeter Buck Clayton ... more pages

Pipa - Chinese lute - and pipa music


... and western instruments, including works for pipa and orchestra ( pipa concertos) . ( more about the history of pipa ) A brief demonstration about the pipa playing techniques An introduction to traditional and classical music from China   ... more pages

Liu Fang - virtuoso of Chinese pipa and guzheng, featured artist of ...


... modernity!   Liu Fang - virtuoso of Chinese pipa and guzheng, featured artist of Philm-ultic   Liu Fang, featured artist of Philmultic   Pipa & Guzheng soloist Upcoming Concerts Pipa & guzheng music from ancient classical ... more pages

Blue Pipa Inc., Min Xiao-Fen, Projects


...       more >>   Min Xiao-Fen pipa          BLUE PIPA TRIO       more >>   Min Xia-o-Fen pipa Dean Johnson bass Steve Salerno guitar          CHINESE  MUSIC                      ENSEMBLE ... more pages

Min Xiao-Fen and Blue Pipa Inc. Links


Min Xiao-Fen and Blue Pipa Inc. Links Blue Pipa   Links     Huang Ruo composer - con-ductor Wu Wei sheng, erhu Xu Fengxia zheng, vocals Dean Johnson bass Randy Weston pianist - composer Carl Stone composer Björk vocals   -    main   ... more pages

Blue Pipa Inc. and Min Xiao-Fen - Contact


Blue Pipa Inc. and Min Xiao-Fen - Contact Blue Pipa   Contact            MIN XIAO-FEN   can be booked for :                 Concerts - Solo - as Soloist - with one of her en-sembles                 ... more pages

Pipa - Traditional Chinese instrumental music


Pipa - Traditional Chinese instrumental music Farmer's Painting Terra-Cotta Posters Paper-cuts Music Jade Multimedia Pipa, a four-string lute in pear shape, is an instrument that witnesses the cultural communication. The instrument was ... more pages

Cheng Yu : Pipa


Cheng Yu : Pipa ©The UK Chinese Ensemble 1998-2010 Who we are UK Chinese Ense-mble Intro Musicians Silk and Bamboo Ensemble Silk String Quartet Cheng Yu Intro Qin Pipa 5 string Pipa World of Strings Publications Awards Research London Youlan ... more pages

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