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HOASM: The High Renaissance


HOASM: The High Renaissance IV. The High Renaissance (16th Century) With Josquin des Prés (died 1521) and Heinrich Isaac (died 1517) the two outstanding masters of the third generation of the Netherlands School , the influence of the ... more pages

HOASM: The Early Renaissance (1350-1500)


HOASM: The Early Renaissance (1350-1500) III. The Early Renaissance (1350-1500) Only a little later than the rise of the Ars Nova , but probably independently, a secular mus-ical art of great vitality arose in Upper and Central Italy, linked ... more pages

HOASM: Dance Music in the Renaissance


HOASM: Dance Music in the Renaissance IVG:Dance Music in the Renaissance The Co-mposers (and some others) Fabritio Caroso Claude Gervaise Don Giorgio Mainerio Cesare Negri (Milanese) Paul Peuerl Pierre Phalèse Giovanni Picchi Christopher ... more pages

Classical Archives: period: Renaissance


... Use Facebook login OR USE MEMBER LOGIN Email Address Password ( forgot? ) Log In LOGOUT  Welcome   Home PERIOD: RENAISSANCE period: Renaissance "Renaissance" is, of course, the French word for "re-birth", and refers most literally to the ... more pages

Renaissance Period - Music from 1400 to 1600


... of the Renaissance Period and their biographies. A Selection of Renaissance Music Not too pleasing on the eyes, but a significant source renaissance repertoire. Music in the Re-naissance An analysis of music from the Renaissance Period. ... more pages

A Selection of Renaissance Music


A Selection of Renaissance Music A Selection of Renaissance Music ( to main FAQ page ); ( to Medieval list ) The musical Renaissance is usually taken to begin with the gener-ation of Gilles Binchois (c.1400-1460) and Guillaume Dufay (1397-147 ... more pages

Medieval and Renaissance Instruments


Medieval and Renaissance Instruments A Guide to Medieval and Renaissance Instruments Bagpipe Bladder Pipe Cornamuse Crumhorn Dulcian Dulcimer Gamba Gemshorn Harp Ha-rpsichord Hirtenschalmei Hurdy-Gurdy Kortholt Lizard Lute Mute Cornett ... more pages

HOASM: From the Renaissance to the Baroque


HOASM: From the Renaissance to the Baroque IVP:From the Renaissance to the Baroque The Composers (and some others) Marin Mersenne Marcin Mielczewski Paul Peuerl Isaac Posch Supplemental Materials Poetry and Prose Articles Return to:   The ... more pages



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