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Einstein Papers Project at Caltech


Einstein Papers Project at Caltech Home Who We Are What We Do News Resources Contact Digital Einstein Search Welcome Albert Einstein (1879–1955), one of the foremost sci-entists and public figures of the 20th century, revolutionized our ... more pages

Einstein Exhibit -- Site Contents


Einstein Exhibit -- Site Contents Einstein Site Contents En Español Download website (3.5MB PDF) CHRONOLOGY: chronology of Einstein facts including a detailed chronology of 1905 . BIBLIOGRAPHY: books by & about Einstein . TOPICS: ... more pages

Einstein-Image and Impact. AIP History Center exhibit.


... and Impact. AIP History Center exhibit. Text version Download this Einstein Web site in PDF format (3.5 MB)     Sign up to find out when we put more exhibits online        Ei-nstein en Español Albert Einstein: Read about Einstein ... more pages

Albert Einstein Online


... igation , Freedom of Information Privacy Act Albert Einstein Reference Archive Albert Einstein library Albert Einstein , Brazil Dr. Albert Einstein Dies in Sleep at 76 , World Mourns Loss of Great Scientist Albert Einstein and the Atomic ... more pages

Relativity: Einstein's theory of relativity in animations and ...


Relativity: Einstein's theory of relativity in animations and film clips. Einstein Light Relat-ivity in brief... or in detail. . Einstein's theory of special relativity includes electricity and magnetism in a simple, logical extension ... more pages



... made him the most famous scientist of the 20th century. We know Einstein as a visionary physicist, but he was also a passionate humanitarian and anti-war activist. Born a German Jew, Einstein truly considered himself a citizen of the ... more pages

Einstein has landed! - Physics Department - Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo


... Location: 180-204 Phone: (805) 756-2448 Fax: (805) 756-2435 Email: physics@c-alpoly.edu Chair: Matt Moelter   Einstein has landed! Albert Einstein arrived in early fall 2013 to take a look at the new Warren J Baker center for science and ... more pages

Gravity Probe B: Testing Einstein's Universe


... was conceived in 1959. Learn about the advances in engineering that made it all possible . Einstein's Spacetime How did Einstein revolutionize our concepts of space and time? Do they exist absolutely or relative to matter? And how does ... more pages

Einstein's Discovery of Relativity - John Stachel


... - - - - - - - - - - - - - - More About Einstein Site Contents Printable PDF (132K) ( Download the free Acrobat PDF reader ) This reprints an essay written ca. 1983, "'What Song the Syrens Sang': How Did Einstein Discover Special ... more pages



... direct detections of gravitational-wave emission from spinning neutron stars. Gravitational waves were predicted by Albert Einstein almost a century ago, but have never been directly detected. Such observations would open up a new window ... more pages

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