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IceCube Neutrino Observatory


IceCube Neutrino Observatory University of Wisconsin-Madison Search Home About Us IceCube Overview Project Staff Directory Organization Chart Committees FAQ IceCube Quick Facts Science Research Highlights IceCube Detector Construction Beyond ... more pages

The SNO Homepage


The SNO Homepage The Sudbury Neutrino Observatory The Sudbury Neutrino Observatory ( SNO ) results have provided revolutionary insight into the properties of neutrinos and the core of the sun. The detector, shown in the artist's ... more pages

The Neutrino Factory and Muon Collider Collaboration (NFMCC)


... group . The final accelerator working group report is here in this server (pdf). APS Multi-divisional Neutrino Study APS Neutrino Study: Neutrino Factory and Beta Beam Experiments and Development Working Group (Study2-A) ( in this server) ... more pages

MINERvA: Bringing neutrinos into sharp focus


... a large sample of neutrino interactions, allowing the collaboration to perform high preci-sion interaction measurements across a wide range of neutrino energies and target materials. Understanding neutrino properties and the forces that ... more pages

K2K: Long Baseline Neutrino Oscillation Experiment


K2K: Long Baseline Neutrino Oscillation Experiment K2K -from K EK to K amioka- Long Baseline Neutrino Oscillation Experiment K2K Long-baseline Neutrino Oscillation Experi-ment Official Homepage K2K Collaboration, January, 2004 NEWS RELEASE ... more pages

BooNE: Booster Neutrino Experiment


...  |  For Physicists  |  Contact    The primary goal of this experiment is: To test for neutrino mass by searching for neutrino oscillations . Neutrino mass is important because it may lead us to physics beyond the Standard Model. ... more pages

T2K Neutrino Experiment at J-PARC


T2K Neutrino Experiment at J-PARC This page was moved to http://jnusrv01.kek.jp/publi-c/t2k more pages

Off-axis NuMI Neutrino Experiment


Off-axis NuMI Neutrino Experiment Physics Beam info Detectors Software Workshops NuMI Home Fermilab at work Using NuMI off-axis beam to search for electron neutrino appearance This is an initiative to construct a new experiment utilizing the ... more pages

US Super-Kamiokande Home Page


... to SLAC SPIRES HEP Database June 28, 1999: K2K Announces First KEK Beam Neu-trino Detected at Super-K March 3, 1999: K2K experiment begins data taking - man-made neutrino beam directed to Super-K Remember the hyphen! By collaboration ... more pages



... bration     - Data Processing Precision Measurement of Neutrino Oscillation Parameters with KamLAND Allowed region for neutrino oscillation parameters from KamLAND and solar neutrino experiments. The side-panels show the Δχ 2 ... more pages

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