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BNL Photon Sciences | Home


 BNL Photon Sciences | Home Because you are not running JavaScript or allowing active scripting, some features on this page my not work.  >> Enable Javascript << Site Naviga-tion General Information Menu Scientific Departments ... more pages

Photon - UMD Physics


Photon - UMD Physics Search ... Physics UMD Directory Physics Photon - November 2014 Physics Photon - September 2014 College and University Links   Department of Physics University of Maryland College Park, MD 20742-4111 Phone: 301.405.3401 ... more pages

Photon Factory


Photon Factory , Oho 1-1, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, 305-0801, Japan [Press Release] 2014/5/16 Discovery of a New Crystal Structure Family of Oxide-Ion Conductors NdBaInO 4 Struc-ture Determination and Ion Diffusion Visualization by Neutron and ... more pages

Photonic Crystal Research


Photonic Crystal Research Photonic Crystal Research About half of our group is dedicated to working on problems related to a new kind of material, photonic crystals (also known as photonic band-gap materials ). Photonic crystals are periodic ... more pages

BNL | Photon Sciences, Light as a Discovery Tool


... device How the size of gold nanoparticles affects their efficiency as a catalyst Leadership in Photon Sciences NSLS-II gives Brookhaven leadership in photon sciences. Together with the  Center for Functional Nanomaterials  and the  ... more pages

Photon Design - Your source of photonics CAD tools


 Photon Design - Your source of photonics CAD tools Your source of photonics CAD tools Home News Products Company Exhibitions Support & Training Contact Jobs OUR PROD-UCTS PASSIVE COMPONENT DESIGN FIMMWAVE Waveguide Mode Solvers ... more pages

Photon Engineering


Photon Engineering Photon Engineering Optical Engineering Software and Optical Engine-ering Consulting Skip to content Home FRED Software FAQ Features/Applications Technical Specifications Universities Knowledge Base Demo Version Request ... more pages

Imagine the Universe! Dictionary


... The physical process whereby a gamma-ray photon, usually through an interaction with the electromagnetic field of a nucleus, produces an electron and an anti-electron ( positron ). The original photon no longer exists, its energy having ... more pages

Photon | BU's Undergraduate Physics Club


Photon | BU's Undergraduate Physics Club Search Menu Skip to content Home About Off-icers Previous Officers Contact Us Activities 2014 – 2015 2013 – 2014 Presentations 2013 Museum of Science 2013 Photon Ice Skating Mixer 2014 SkyZone ... more pages

Quantum Optics: Home


... crystals: "Quantum many-body models with cold atoms coupled to photonic crystals." J. S. Douglas, H. Habibian, C.-L. Hung, A. V. Gorshkov, H. J. Kimble and D. E. Chang, Nature Photonics 9 , 326-331 (2015). "Subwavelength vacuum lattices ... more pages

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