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IMB Proton Decay Experiment


IMB Proton Decay Experiment                 Jump toSupernova         Are diamonds really forever? An experiment to determine the ultimate stability of matter     Proposal sent to the Department of Energy in May, 1979       ... more pages

IMB Proton Decay Experiment


IMB Proton Decay Experiment   This is how to search for proton decay     This computer image shows seven cosmic ray muons (yellow lines) going through the detector simultan-eously.Charged particles like these emit a cone of Cherenkov light ... more pages

Storage Ring Electric Dipole Moment Collaboration


... a new method capable of reaching a sensitivity of 10 -29 e·cm for the proton and deut-eron bare nuclei. The collaboration aims at improving the sensitivity on the deuteron and proton EDMs by several orders of magnitude using a new method: ... more pages

Los Alamos Neutron Science Center: LANSCE


... Cycle Oct 1, 2012 - Sept. 30, 2013 Highlight Physics.pdf   Proton Radiography Los Al-amos National Laboratory has used high energy protons as a probe in flash radiography for a decade. The proton radiography project has used 800 MeV ... more pages

Imagine the Universe! Dictionary


... majority of them pass completely through the Earth without interacting. neutron A particle with approximately the mass of a proton , but zero charge, commonly found in the nucleus of atoms . neutron star The imploded core of a massive star ... more pages

Nuclear and Particle Data


... of the Universe The Ten Commandments for Amateur Astronomers Other Fun Websites ABOUT US Nuclear and Particle Data Electron Proton Neutron Rest mass[kg] 9.1093897x10 -31 1.6726231x10 -27 1.6749286x10 -27 Molar mass[kg/mol] 5.4857990x10 -7 ... more pages

Fermilab History and Archives Project | Fixed Target Program - Proton ...


... History and Archives Project Fixed Target Program - Proton Area Return to Fixed Target Program Proton Pictures The Proton Pagoda Model, April, 1973 Proton Area begins study of high energy protons (November, 1972) Proton Area opens Pagoda ... more pages

Protons for Breakfast : Educate + Explore : National Physical ...


... people find it very enjoyable! View Dates and Details of the Protons for Breakfast course Protons for Breakfast links Protons for Breakfast Home Course Dates and Details Course Structure / Downloads Registration About Protons for Breakfast ... more pages

Fermilab | Tevatron | Tevatron Operation


... until 2009, accelerates protons and antiprotons to nearly 1 TeV. All about antimatter Fermilab makes antiprotons by smashing protons against a nickel target. The Antiproton So-urce in Fermilab’s accelerator complex makes about 20 ... more pages

Proton | Natural Philosophy Alliance


... cathode is inversely proportional to the frequency of a photon formed from the proton under external current force during electrolysis. The mass and radial length of the proton undergoes a temporary change during electrolysis. I... ... more pages

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