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Rice University - Rice Quantum Institute


Rice University - Rice Quantum Institute         About RQI People Research Applied Phy-sics Graduate Program REU Program RQI Abroad RQI Colloquium News & Events Alumni   RQI Fellows Spotlight Junichiro Kono Professor of Electrical ... more pages

quantum information science @ mit


quantum information science @ mit is studied by many people & research groups at MIT. We offer several weekly research seminars . Sign up here to join the QIP Seminar mailing list. Learn about quantum information by enrolling in one of ... more pages

Visual Quantum Mechanics


Visual Quantum Mechanics Visual Quantum Mechanics The Visual Quantum Mechanics project, funded by the National Science Foundation, introduces quantum physics to high school and college students who do not have a background in modern physics ... more pages

Quantum Mechanics I


Quantum Mechanics I A Web-Based Quantum Mechanics Course Marianne Breinig The University of Tennessee , Department of Physics and Astronomy more pages

Institute for Quantum Information


Institute for Quantum Information   The Institute sponsors programs which encourage the growth and development of the emerging field of quantum information science .   The IQI website has been merged with the IQIM website . Please update ... more pages

Quantum Mechanics II


Quantum Mechanics II A Web-Based Quantum Mechanics Course Marianne Breinig The University of Tennessee , Department of Physics and Astronomy     more pages

The Quantum Circuits Group


... ( subscribe ) DARPA Quad Chart , ( .ppt ) Current Projects Quantum Computer Archit-ecture and Quantum Design Automation K. M. Svore, A. W. Cross, A. V. Aho, I. L. Chuang, I. L. Markov, ``A Layered Software Architecture for Quantum Computing ... more pages

Quantum Physics News


... in which a single electron can pass its quantum information to a particle of light. The particle ... Dec 22, 2016 in Quantum Physics 2334 3 Quantum membranes for ultraprecise mechanical measurements Quantum mechanics dictates sensitivity ... more pages

Mangled Worlds Quantum Mechanics


Mangled Worlds Quantum Mechanics When Worlds Collide: Mangled Worlds Quantum Me-chanics by Robin Hanson , March 21, 2003. (Revised April, 2006.) This variation on the many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics allows us to derive the ... more pages

The Center for Complex Quantum Systems


The Center for Complex Quantum Systems   + People + Events + Book Shelf + Contact Us + Dr. Prigogine + Workshops + RLM 13.202 + Vendor Identification             The Center for Complex Quantum Systems* Department of Physics | The ... more pages

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