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LIGO - Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory


LIGO - Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory   directory contact about ligo   LIGO CIT LIGO Hanford LIGO Livingston LIGO MIT operated by Caltech and MIT     :::     supported by the National Science Foundation LIGO ... more pages

Solar Wave Theory Group website


Solar Wave Theory Group website Solar Wave Theory Group (SWAT) Home About Staff Research Publications Outreach Useful links Contact us Quick links Refereed publications Contact us The Solar Wave Theory Group (SWAT) The Solar Wave Theory ... more pages

mrcwa - Multilayer Rigorous Coupled Wave Analysis


mrcwa - Multilayer Rigorous Coupled Wave Analysis mrcwa - Multilayer Rigorous Coupled Wave Analysis Home Contact Python Download The diffraction from this grating was calc-ulated with mrcwa. Superhydrophobic surfaces are complex optical ... more pages

The Nature of Waves – The Physics Hypertextbook


... Heat & Work Pressure-Volume Diagrams Engines Refrigerators Energy & Entropy Absolute Zero Waves & Optics Wave Phenomena The Nature of Waves Interference & Superposition Interfaces & Barriers Sound The Nature of Sound ... more pages

Electromagnetic Waves – The Physics Hypertextbook


... fields that change in time. These changes then propagate away at a finite speed. Such a solution is an electromagnetic wave . Let's examine our possible solution in more detail. Find the second space and time derivatives of the ... more pages

Standing Waves – The Physics Hypertextbook


... you're generating a wave, but the wave doesn't propagate. It just sits there vibrating up and down in place. Such a wave is called a standing wave and must be seen to be appre-ciated. A traveling wave in action A standing wave in ... more pages

Oscillations and Waves


... damped and driven harmonic oscillation, coupled oscillations, standing waves, traveling waves, wave pulses, dispersive waves, wave optics, and wave mechanics. The lecture notes are availible in a number of formats: [HTML] A fully hyperlink ... more pages

Welcome to AIGRC


Welcome to AIGRC This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them. more pages

Shock Waves – The Physics Hypertextbook


... waves, the speed of a shock wave varies with its amplitude. The speed of a shock wave is always greater than the speed of sound in the fluid and decreases as the amplitude of the wave decreases. When the shock wave speed equals the normal ... more pages

Chapter 5: Matter and Waves


... considered to be particles, show properties of waves like interference.  As you may rec-all, light, well-known to be a wave, also acts as particles in some cases, notably the ph-otoelectric effect.  This suggests something, as De Broglie ... more pages

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