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Campfire Venison Chili


Campfire Venison Chili Campfire Venison Chili (Click thumbnails for full size photos. Use your browser's "Back" button to return.)   You will need a 4 or 5 quart cast iron Dutch oven. I suggest a Lodge 4 quart camp Dutch oven #10CO2 or ...

Take-apart Camping Cooking Tripod.


... Over on the right, check out a take-apart campfire cooking tripod in action. (The cast iron pot contains homemade venison chili. Click here for my recipe.) The tripod legs are made of ½ inch electrical conduit. They are 4 feet long and ...

Delta and Southern recipes


... Hushpuppies: Visit a Sunday afternoon juke joint fish fry and learn how to fry fish and make home made hushpuppies. Venison chili on a campfire: You can substitute beef for venison, especially if you like your meat with genetically altered ...

The Big Apple Inn, Jackson, Mississippi


... that street. We sold hot tamales for 12¢ a dozen. They're $4.75 a dozen now. But you got to understand that back then chili powder and red pepper was 10¢ a pound." Gene, Jr., entered the conversation about prices: "We fight inflation ...

Delta Camping With The Bluesmobile


n such a wonderful place. Venison chili dangling from a tripod over a campfire. Click here for the chili recipe. Click here to learn how to make your own portable, take-apart tripod. Late afternoon finds me on the road and talking to blues ...

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