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salsas recipes from FATFREE.COM: The Low Fat Vegetarian Recipe ...


... gallo-3 (vegan) quick-salsa (vegan) quinoa-salsa (vegan) rajas-salsa (vegan) re-d-pepper-salsa (vegan) red-salsa (vegan) salsa (vegan) salsa-10 (vegan) salsa-2 (vegan) salsa-3 (vegan) salsa-4 (vegan) salsa-5 (vegan) salsa-6 (vegan) salsa-7 ...

salsa recipe from FatFree


salsa recipe from FatFree FatFree Home FatFree Recipe Archive More salsas recipes from FatFree salsa recipe Date: 30 Aug 93 13:25:10 +0800 From: "Lynn Warble" (Lynn_War-ble@mailhost.hort.purdue.edu) Alan's garden salsa Okay folks. My ...

salsa-2 recipe from FatFree


... salsas recipes from FatFree salsa-2 recipe Date: Tue, 11 Jan 94 20:00:14 PST From: tachyon@cats.ucsc.edu (Tane' Tachyon) Salsa Chop in cuisinart or otherwise, then pour into a large bowl 1 large can peeled tomatoes including the juice ...

salsa-9 recipe from FatFree


... from FatFree salsa-9 recipe Date: Fri, 21 Aug 1998 08:37:37 -0400 (EDT) From: Dr-ett@webtv.net (Karen) Here is my favorite salsa recipe.. it's easy to make and soooo delic-ious ;) Salsa (makes 6 pints) 12 c. tomatoes, peeled and hand ...

salsa-4 recipe from FatFree


... salsas recipes from FatFree salsa-4 recipe Date: Wed, 19 Oct 94 11:35:09 CDT From: Doug Harder (HARDERD@GBMS01.UWGB.EDU) Salsa 20 Med. tomatoes 1-14 Jalapeno peppers minced and seeded 2 Red Bell Peppers 2 green Bell Peppers 4 Onions 1/4 C ...

salsa-5 recipe from FatFree


... recipe Date: Thu, 20 Oct 94 09:13:10 EDT From: dmc@cherry-semi.com (Dawn Chace) Recipe from the Susan Powter recipe book. Salsa 3 med. tomatoes, cut into chunks 1 med. green bell pepper, seeded and cut into chunks 1 scallion, with top, cut ...

salsa-3 recipe from FatFree


salsa-3 recipe from FatFree FatFree Home FatFree Recipe Archive More salsas recipes from FatFree salsa-3 recipe Date: Tue, 01 Feb 94 15:50:20 PST From: gboja@romenda.esd.sgi.com (Glenda Boja Ramil) A recipe that I got from my mom. 1 cucumber ...

salsa-7 recipe from FatFree


... recipe Date: Mon, 24 Jul 95 21:04:23 EST From: "Graham Gibbs" (ggibbs@us.net) Someone had wrote awhile back asking for a salsa recipe. Well here's mine, it's easy and so good I use it as a dressing on salads. Salsa 1 16oz can ...

salsa-6 recipe from FatFree


... #2.10P ] -- Here's a good, FF Fresh Tomato Salsa: ---------- Recipe via Meal-M-aster (tm) v8.00 (BB) Title: Fresh Tomato Salsa Categories: Fat-free, Mexican, Ornish Yield: 12 servings 2 Jalapeno peppers, stemmed 2 Serano peppers, ...

salsa-8 recipe from FatFree


... from FatFree salsa-8 recipe Date: Sun, 30 Mar 1997 19:40:06, -0500 From: FUZY76B@prodigy.com (MRS AMY E CAMPBELL-SMITH) A salsa recipe I like to make is one I made up myself. My husband loves it. Salsa 1 large tomato, seeded and chopped ...

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