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Cook's Thesaurus: Onions


Cook's Thesaurus: Onions             home > vegetables > onions   Onions green onions and leeks dry onions and shallots     Copyright © 1996-2005 Lori Alden

Cook's Thesaurus: Dry Onions & Shallots


... onion . fresh onion    See sweet onion .   Granex onion   See sweet onion .   Italian red onion   See red onion .  Maui onion   See sweet onion . onion flakes = dried minced onion = dehydrated onion flakes   Notes:    These ...

Cook's Thesaurus: Green Onions & Leeks


... onion.  Substitutes: small leeks OR green onions Chinese onion  See green onion .  cibol  See green onion .  green onion  = scallion = bunching onion = shallot (in Australia) = spring onion (in Britain) = Chinese onion = stone leek = ...

Cook's Thesaurus


... pronunciations, and suggested substitutions.    Ingredient of the Month Braised red cabbage goes well with apples, onions, nuts, and red wine, and it makes an excellent bed for pork, duck, and salmon.  Choose firm, shiny heads that are ...

Cook's Thesaurus: Vegetables Category


...     Roots   Tubers , including potatoes and sweet potatoes & yams . Stalk Vegetables   Onions , including green onions & leeks and dry onions & shallots .     Garlic     Ginger & Other Rhizomes   Cabbages   Salad ...

Cook's Thesaurus: Flavorings Category


... Syrups & Other Liquid Sweeteners   Chocolate   Candy Nut & Seed Pastes   Candied Foods Onions , including green onions & leeks and dry onions & shallots .   Garlic     Ginger & Other Rhizomes   Condiments , ...

Cook's Thesaurus: Sausages


... sausage is made by stuffing a sheep's stomach with the animal's heart, lungs, and liver, and then adding oatmeal, onion, fat, and seasonings.  It's usually steamed before serving.  hot dog = wiener = weiner (a common ...

Cook's Thesaurus: Breads


... their guests occupied without filling them up too much.  You can buy them plain, or fla-vored with sesame seeds, garlic, onion, or herbs.  Substitutes:  Italian bread OR French bread brioche   Pronunciation:  bree-OSHE  Notes:   ...

Cook's Thesaurus: Semi-Soft Cheeses


...  OR BEER-case  Notes:  This is a soft, stinky cheese.  German like to put it on rye bread along with some sliced onion, and have it with beer.  It's too overpowering to serve with wine.   Substitutes:   Limburger OR Havarti ...

Cook's Thesaurus: Sprouts


... OR sunflower sprouts (sturdy enough to cook) OR soybean sprouts (bigger, bean-like flavor)  onion sprouts   Notes:     These have a distinct onion flavor.  Substitutes:  daikon sprouts radish sprouts snow pea shoots   Notes:   ...

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