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CD Rates


CD Rates Christian Personal Finance - Financial help blog, debt help and other financial resources Start Here Topics Save Money Make Money Banking Mortgage Rates Savings Acct Rates Checking Acct Rates Credit Cards Prepaid Cards CDs Budgeting ...

Free Stuff Friday: Free Books, Free Giveaways, and more!


... Magazine Subscription NeoBudget Six Month Subscription Microsoft Wireless Mouse Dave Ramsey Audiobook NKJV Bible MP3 CD Does Your Bag Have Holes? StreamZap PC Remote Control Teavana Gift Pack SmartyPig $50 gift certificate Total Money ...

Get Your Financial Life On One Page (FLOP)


... our account numbers for those institutions and any other pertinent info that may be nee-ded. I then burned the file to a CD and kept it in our safe. Every year or so I put a copy of the updated FLOP in there. Losing a loved one is a ...

Christian View of Life Insurance


... and slothful with our insurance policies either. Life insurance is a financial tool just like a mutual fund, a stock, or a CD. These tools are morally neutral. The attitude in using the tools determines whether insurance is being used ...

God give me patience! Why His way takes longer


... WRITING ENCOURAGING HIS PEOPLE TO WAIT ON HIM TRUSTINGLY AND TO BE EXCITED HIS MOLDING PROCESS IN OUR LIVES. Reply ChrisCD - CD Rates Blog August 26, 2008 And Boy, do we get in the way so many times. I struggled for about two years trying ...

Get-Rich-Quick: Does it EVER Work?


... After all, get-rich-quick schemes usually require us to buy something (a book, CD or DVD) and to take some minimal form of action (reading the book, listening to the CD or watching the DVD). It just seems so much less random than buying a ...

Encouragement from Charles Capps


... We don’t miss them because we never had them! So in this economy, it’s easier not to indulge in those extras. Reply CD Rates Blog October 30, 2008 Great reminder of who is in control. It is easy to feel overwhelmed. God’s Word daily ...

“Save to Win” lottery trick to saving


... is a cross between a certificate of deposit and a raffle ticket. Members who put $25 or more into a Save to Win one-year CD are entered into a monthly “savings raffle” for prizes up to $400, plus one annual drawing for a $100,000 ...

5 Traditional and 5 Non-traditional Ways to Invest Your Money


... payments as long as the security is held until maturity. Normally, there are prepayment penalties should you liquidate the CD prior to its maturity date, and that will reduce the amount of interest you will receive. CDs are an excellent ...

20 Ways to Organize Your Car


... decorganizecrafts.blogspot.com   Organizing Kid Activities for the Car From organizing-madefun.blogspot.com   Auto Visor CD/DVD/Tissue Holder From amazon.com   Auto Log From iheartorganizing.blogspot.com     How do you keep your car ...

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