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Low Fat Fast Food Nutritional Data from National Chains


... diet or a low sugar diet, be extra aware of these counts. Your best choices USUALLY will be dry salads (with NO added cheese, bacon or dressing unless the dressing is in a packet and labeled as low fat or fat free) and grilled chicken ...

Low Fat Recipes - Healthy Recipes


Low Fat Recipes - Healthy Recipes   Good Fat / Bad Fat Do you know what's the difference? Recipes |  Tips | Dining Out | Fast Food | Flavor | Food Stats |  Culinary Terms Home  |  Labels |  Lifestyle | Body Fat | Calories | ...

Low Fat Recipes - Cooking for Health


Low Fat Recipes - Cooking for Health   The following low fat recipes include many select-ions that include comfort food to elegant dishes for company. You will find new and exciting cuisine that contain spices like kaffir lime leaves, ...

Seasonings, Herbs, Spices, Onions, Garlic, Peppers, Chiles


... as cholesterol and calories. The clue to healthy eating and low fat cooking is how to offset that loss of flavor with seasonings when you cut the fat. See some of the bright new seas-oning ideas in our low fat recipes . Try your hand at ...



... | Exercise |  Contact Us Are you a little baffled by food labels? Mouse over the label below. Then click on any area for an explanation. Join us each week for new low fat cooking tips, methods of food preparation, ways to cut the fat, ...

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... |  Lifestyle | Body Fat | Calories | Cholesterol | Exercise |  Contact Us What does low fat, fat free, light and reduced fat mean? Click Here! We love hearing from you at Low Fat Lifestyle! Please contact us with any suggestions. If you ...

Dining Out and Eating Healthy, Low Fat Tips on Eating Out


Dining Out and Eating Healthy, Low Fat Tips on Eating Out   Don't be bashful or shy about asking for something special. Most restaurants are more than happy to accommodate your low fat dietary needs. Recipes |  Tips | Dining Out | Fast ...

Dietary Guidelines for a Healthy and Heart Smart Lifestyle


... Us The Food Pyramid | American Heart Association Guidelines | Heart Healthy Diet TLC Lifestyle | Low Fat Vegetarian Lifestyle | Mediterranean Lifestyle | Good Fat Research has shown that many diseases are directly linked to dietary & ...

Calories - Burn More than You Consume to Lose Weight


... | Fast Food | Flavor | Food Stats |  Culinary Terms Home  |  Labels |  Lifestyle | Body Fat | Calories | Cholesterol | Exercise |  Contact Us Extremely low calorie foods include many vegetables & fruits like celery, cabbage, ...

Cholesterol, Dietary Cholesterol, HDL, LDL, Saturated Fats


... and plants. Animal-based foods containing lots of saturated fat include butter, beef tal-low, lard and poultry fat. Seafood contains a small amount. Plant-based oils containing saturated fat include coconut oil, palm kernel oil, palm oil ...

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