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NORM - The National Organization of Restoring Men


...     The National Organization of Restoring Men is a non-profit support group for men who have concerns about being circumcised, are considering foreskin restoration, or are in the process of restoring their foreskins. Our aim is to help ...

NORM - National Organization of Restoring Men


... ejaculations. The problem is a common sexual complaint among circumcised and intact men. Penile Cancer. This is very rare (one in 100,000) usually in older men, both circu-mcised and intact. This is related to HPV, a sexually transmitted ...

NORM - Men Speak


NORM - Men Speak Men Speak About Foreskin Restoration ABOUT  NORM Search the Site Take our Survey Policies & Guidelines NORM Locations NORM's History Donate to NORM RESTORATION  FAQ Why Should I Restore? Successful Regimen ...



... or another must be released or opened up to urinate unless they have an opening built-in through which one can urinate. Some men use a variety of devices over the course of their restoration as their habits change or lack of progress ...

NORM - Lost List


... of this natural gliding action is one of the primary benefits of foreskin restoration. In many cases, wives of restoring men were initially doubtful about restoration but came to value it highly when their husbands had grown enough new ...

NORM - Links


... allorings.com - A very good source for o-rings. Many men use the ones made out of Bu-na-N (black ones found at the hardware store) but the silicone ones are also very popular. Some men report they are more comfortable to wear. rejuveness.co ...

NORM - News


... consent," says R. Wayne Griffiths, co-founder and executive director of the National Organization of Restoring Men, a support group for men who wish to reverse their circumcisi-ons. Rooted in religious tradition, circumcision became popular ...

NORM - Why Restore?


... to be a protected internal organ, exposed only when aroused.  Why Men Restore Their Foreskins Pleasure. The new foreskin adds pleasure to the penis during sexual activity. For most men seeking restoration, this alone is reason enough to ...

NORM - Response to AAP Circumcision Policy


... "Pediatric Circumcision Policy Better, But Still Inadequate" (Concord, CA, USA) - The National Organization of Restoring Men welcomes the American Academy of Pediatrics new position statement on routine infant circumcision. The United ...

NORM - The Joy of Uncircumcising


... copy of the book, shipped first class, (please include your mailing address) to:  The National Organization of Restoring Men 3205 Northwood Drive, Suite 209 Concord, CA  94520-4506 If you have any questions e-mail Wayne at waynerobb@aol. ...

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