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Graphs of Functions and Algebra - Interactive Tutorials


... such domain, range, x and y intercepts and vertical asymptote. Gaussian Function . The Gaussian function is explored by changing its parameters. Logistics Function . The logistics function is explored by changing its parameters and ...

Graphing Functions


... tutorial. The properties such as domain, vertical and horizontal asymptotes of a rational function are also investigated. Graph of Sine, a * sin(b x + c), Function . Graphing and sketching sine functions of the form f (x) = a * sin (b x + ...

Free Online Tutorials on Functions and Algebra


... Tutorial on quadratic functions with answers matched exercises. Floor and Ceiling Fun-ctions Floor Function . The floor function floor(x) is defined as the function that gives the highest integer less than or equal to x. Ceiling Function . ...

Logarithmic Functions


... inverse of the logarithmic function, the range of the logarithmic function is the domain of the exponential function which is the set of all real numbers. The domain of the logarithmic function is the range of the exponential function ...

Free Mathematics Tutorials, Problems and Worksheets (with applets)


... parabola, hyperbola, polynomials; graphs of quadratic, rational, hyperbolic, exponen-tial and logarithmic functions ; one-to-one and inverse functions and inverse trigonometric functions; systems of linear equations; determinants and ...

Even and Odd Functions


... 1. f(x) = 2 x Let us find f(-x) = 2(-x) = -2 x f(-x) is not equal to f(x) so function f is not even. However -f(-x) = 2x and is equal to f(x) and therefore function f is odd. 2. g(x) = | x | + 2 g(-x) = | -x | + 2 = | x | + 2 and is equal ...

Periodic Functions


... Functions Tutorial to explore and understand what is a periodic function . Before you start the tutorial, let us review the definition of a periodic function. A function f is periodic with period P if f(x) = f(x + P) , P is a real number. ...

Linear Functions


... a is negative, f is a decreasing function on (-infinity , +infinity). If a is equal to 0, f is a constant function on (-infinity , +infinity). 4 - The graph of function f is a line, hence the name linear function. Parameter a represents ...

Quadratic Functions(General Form)


... needed, Free graph paper is available. A - Definition of a quadratic function A quadratic function f is a function of the form f(x) = ax 2 + bx + c where a , b and c are real numbers and a not equal to zero. The graph of the quadratic ...

Polynomial Functions


... to polynomial functions. Derivatives of Polynomial Functions . Polynomial Functions, Zeros, Factors and Intercepts Find Zeros of Polynomial Functions - Problems Multiplicity of Zeros and Graphs Polynomials. Graphs of Polynomial Functions - ...

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