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FastFlex : A New Fast Flexible Cryptographic Function, FastStream192, ...


FastFlex : A New Fast Flexible Cryptographic Function, FastStream192, FastHash256, WeakFlex48 FastFlex A New Fast Flexible Cryptographic Function FastStream192 FastHash256 KeyHash256 FastFlex QuickStream192 WeakStream48 Binaries + Source + ...



... location for the collaborative development of packages for GNU Octave . The Octave-F-orge packages expand Octave's core functionality by providing field specific features via Octave's package system. For example, image and signal ...

Catalogue of RPN large integer calculator functions


... download   readme   back   node Catalogue of  large integer⁄ Bigint RPN calculator functions. {button caption} function description, registers in/out. Framewise from left to ri-ght:   1   2   3   4   5   6 {confrc} Continued ...

Five methods for computing Ackermann's function


Five methods for computing Ackermann's function Computing Ackermann's function in Basic Originally concieved in 1928, but I'll use the 1935 Rózsa Péter version (table) : A(0, n):= n + 1 for n ≥ 0 A(m, 0):= A(m - 1, 1) for m ...

List of Functions for the 'Operators and Keywords' package


... variables are local in scope to a particular function and are not visible elsewhere. See also: global return Return from a function. See also: function static This function has been deprecated in favor of persistent. See also: persistent ...

Special functions


... function Zeta Riemann's Zeta function Bernoulli Bernoulli numbers and polynomials Euler Euler numbers and polynomials LambertW Lambert's $W$ function Gamma -- Euler's Gamma function Standard library Calling format: Gamma(x) ...

Calculus and elementary functions


... function Tan trigonometric tangent function ArcSin inverse trigonometric function arc-sine ArcCos inverse trigonometric function arc-cosine ArcTan inverse trigonometric function ar-c-tangent Exp exponential function Ln natural logarithm ...

Built-in (core) functions


... cause side effects when they are evaluated. MathOr -- built-in logical "or" Internal fun-ction Calling format: MathOr(...) MathOr is the basic logical "or" function. Similarly to And , it is lazy-evaluated. And(...) and Or(...) do also ...

XBasic Function Libraries


XBasic Function Libraries XBasic program  development  environment -  PDE  - fun-ction libraries standard library mathematics library complex number library copyright 1988-1999 June 1, 1999



... integer less than A. Rounds down to the next lower integer. if(A,B,C) If int(A) differs from 0, the return value of this function is B, else C. Only the parameter which needs to be ev-aluated is evaluated, the other parameter is skipped. ...

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