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Classical Net - Basic Repertoire List - R. Schumann


... Links Site News What's New for First Quarter 2017 ? Site Search Follow us on     Affil-iates Robert Schumann (1810 - 1856) Robert Schumann (June 8, 1810 - July 29, 1856) was the arch-Romantic composer, thoroughly committed intellectu ...

Classical Net - Composer Works List - Schumann


... List - Schumann The Internet's Premier Classical Music Source Home Basic Repertoire Composers Books and Scores Reviews and Articles Buying Guide Music Links  Related Links Robert Schumann Page Recommended Biographies Recommended ...

Classical Net - The Classical Explorer


... , a distinction for which he is probably best known. His piano music shows the influence of various composers, notably Robert Schumann and Frédéric Chopin , but less so Brahms. Also of interest are his two piano concertos ( Hyperion ...

Classical Net - Composer Master Index


... Christian SCHNITTKE, Alfred SCHOBERT, Johann SCHOENBERG, Arnold SCHUBERT, Franz SCHULLER, Gunther SCHUMAN, William SCHUMANN, Robert SCHUTZ, Heinrich SCRIABIN, Alexander SCULTHORPE, Peter Joshua SEARLE, Humphrey SEIXAS, Jose Antonio ...

Classical Net - News & Information


... Hoffman and his fictional composer Johannes Kreisler, who affected the real music of the nineteenth century, inspiring Robert Schumann. Tells about Balzac's 1837 novella Gam-bara about Paolo Gambara, an Italian composer living in Paris. ...

Classical Net - Basic Repertoire List - R. Schumann


... - Germany - Canada - France - Japan ArkivMusic - Video Universe Find Scores Sheet Music Plus - Davidsb ndler Robert Schumann Page by Hiroyuki Yokoyama Robert Schum-ann: Then, Now and Always by Lindsay Moore 1856 Obituary in the Musical ...

Classical Net - Basic Repertoire List - F. Mendelssohn


... and fantasy with a Mozartean economy, clarity, and poise. He became associated with a strand of composers that included Robert Schumann and reached its peak with Johannes Brahms . His exposure to Bach led to a fondness for learned ...

Classical Net - Basic Repertoire List - Barber


... harmonies may derive from Richard Strauss (although they sound clearer), but the se-cond, pastoral tune as diatonic as Robert Schumann is something new. It seems to come from nowhere, and yet it sings in a full-throated, natural way. In his ...

Classical Net Review - Clara & Robert Schumann - Works for Piano ...


... New for First Quarter 2017 ? Site Search Follow us on     Affiliates CD Review Clara and Robert Schumann Works for Piano and Violin Robert Schumann : Sonata #1 for Violin & Piano in A minor, Op. 105 Sonata #2 for Violin & Piano ...

Classical Net - Basic Repertoire List - Richard Strauss


... He is also one of the great composers of Lieder . Strauss began to compose at an early age in an idiom which owed much to Robert Schumann . His father, a musical conservative, probably had much to do with this. Young Richard received ...

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