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Live Reviews


... throughout.” EDS “This is an exceptional record, coegently demonstrating that Pete is as much a backbone of the modern folk revival as this fine disc should itself by rights form a backbone of your own CD collection.” LIVING ...

Pete Coes Homepage


... Reviews Tour Dates CD Sales School Presentations Contact Pete Museletter Press Pack Folk Club Information "A One-Man Folk Industry!" was how Jim Lloyd described Pete Coe on Folk on 2 . Pete has been a professional musician since 1971, ...



... Kershaw, BBCworld “Pete Coe in many ways represents the backbone of the modern folk revival. A fine solo performer and an energetic activist for the scene as well, founding Ryburn 3 Step, running folk clubs, dances and workshops in ...



... and Murray Grainger. BBC Radio Leeds have commissioned a documentary about Frank Kidson, described as a pioneer of the folk song revival. During the research for this project, Pete & Alice made contact with Kidson’s great, great ...

Pete Coes Biography


... Pete Coe in many ways represents the backbone of the modem folk revival. He's been a key member of numerous significant outfits across three decades, including the much-loved duo with his then wife Chris, the wondrous dance outfit New ...



... Band and Fairport Convention, made up her debut album, Just Another Diamond Day, a twinkling collection of other-worldy folk released with little fanfare in 1970. After that, Bunyan vanished. So legendary is that self-exile that Mark ...

Donovan Liner Notes


... 1995-2000 please send any corrections/additions to john@sabotage.demon.co.uk List of Notes Donovan, undoubtedly the foremost folk singer in the Universal Soldier LP (Marble Arch MAL 718) - September 1967 ??? Piece together the Donovan ...

The Bechhofer Agency - Archie Fisher


... FISHER (Scotland)   Archie Fisher One of the ‘Glasgow Boys and Girls’ of the early 60s generation of the Scottish Folk Song Revival, Archie Fisher has diversified over the last forty years into broadcasting, record production and ...

Chas Marshall's Website


... with some players who remember the play from their childhood in Ripon. However, all the players were already involved in folk revival activities such as mumming and morris dancing and it could be argued that the play has now lost some of ...



... covers, good. 1.50 Henderson, Hamish. Alias MacAlias: Writings on Songs, Folk and Literature. Polygon 1993 reprint. Index, 331pp., paperback, good. 5.00 Macgregor, Jimmie. Folk Songs of Scotland Book 1. Jarrold 1981 Plates, illus., 16 ...

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