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Awareness Back to essay index Awareness Awareness is a filtering mechanism, a way of interpreting one's perceptions. Senses provide us is a three-dimensional picture of the world, but it is awareness that converts that picture into an ...

On the "Brave New World"


On the "Brave New World" Back to essay index The prehistoric life fluctuating between pain and starvation, and a satisfying, full stomach and good health; the medieval life undulating between love and honor, and ignominy and detestation; the ...

A comparison and contrast essay


A comparison and contrast essay Back to essay index The comparison and contrast essay I had to write was not promising excitement or joy, the horizon appeared dark and gloomy. The topic appeared so extremely vague that just picking a good ...

A Meditation on Meditation 17


A Meditation on Meditation 17 Back to essay index A Meditation on Meditation 17 Any death diminishes all of humanity and each of its members - there can be no doubt as to the truth of the statement: every person dead is potential of ...

Alexey Spiridonov's Home Page - Essays


Alexey Spiridonov's Home Page - Essays About me - Myself, summarized - Contact inf-ormation Software - Some of my old software - Games - Utilities Essays - Some of my es-says - Philosophical - Imitations of famous essays EMS - Computer-gen ...

Ding L. - Le Q., 6th SPICE Cup GM 2012


Ding L. - Le Q., 6th SPICE Cup GM 2012     Ding L. (2702) - Le Q. (2703) [D43] 6th SPICE Cup GM/St Louis USA (3) 2012 1. d4 d5 2. c4 c6 3. Cf3 Cf6 4. Cc3 e6 5. Ag5 h6 6. Ah4 dxc4 7. e4 g5 8. Ag3 b5 9. Ce5 Ya os he comentado alguna vez que ...

Astronomical Society of Tasmania inc.


Astronomical Society of Tasmania inc.



Aurora AURORA 17 January 2005 This is a photo I took of the aurora between 1:30am and 4:00am on the 17th of January, with a 200 ISO film, up to one minute exposure, from my back yard in Blackmans Bay. The aurora started as a glow, which ...

Canopus Hill Observatory


Canopus Hill Observatory The Society's observatories are located within the University of Tasmania’s observatory complex at Canopus Hill. Members are invited to use the " The Jim Rogers Observatory " and other AST observatories within ...

Night Sky Explorer


Night Sky Explorer Night Sky Explorer Introductory Astronomy Course - Canopus Hill Obse-rvatory April 2013 The Astronomical Society of Tasmania is inviting anyone interested in observing the southern night skies to attend an Introductory ...

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