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HOASM: Alfonso X ('El Sabio')


... in the vernacular and is sometimes called the father of Castilian prose. He was fond of music, the patron of many troubadours, and established a course in music at the university of Salamanca. Guiraut Riquier, the last of the troubadours, ...

HOASM: Peire Cardenal


HOASM: Peire Cardenal Peire Cardenal (late 12th century - 1275) One of the most celeb-rated troubadours of his time; his seventy poems (for which only three tunes survive) con-tain much satirical criticism of the contemporary moral and ...

HOASM: Guiraut de Bornelh


HOASM: Guiraut de Bornelh Guiraut de Bornelh (c.1138 - c.1215) Troubadour who was at the court of Alfonso II of Aragon, and went on a Crusade. He was called by his contempor-aries 'Master of the Troubadours' and Dante ranked him ...

HOASM: Guiraut Riquier


... by Pope Innocent III and the Northern French to stamp out the Albigensian heresy, dest-royed the native poetic and musical growth also. Guiraut wrote that although song should be joyful, he was oppressed by sorrow and had come into the ...

HOASM: Troubadours, Trouvères and Minnesingers


... for which knighthood, with its dangers and adventures, became a symbol. Knighthood began to express itself in poetry and music during the 12th Century in Provence, in Southern France. A precious art emanates from that period: the earliest ...

HOASM: Marcabru


HOASM: Marcabru Marcabru (fl. 1129-48) Troubadour, born in Gascony; he became one of the most famous of the older generation of troubadours. Somewhat unusually, he was not of aristocratic descent and his patrons included William X of ...

HOASM: Neidhart von Reuental


... fresh, simple and popular; and they were so highly regarded as to survive into the era of music printing. In fact Neidhart was the only Minnesinger whose music was printed during the Renaissance. IIA: Troubadours, Trouvères and Minnesinge ...

HOASM: Raimbaud de Vacqueiras


HOASM: Raimbaud de Vacqueiras Raimbaud de Vacqueiras (1155 - 1207) Troubadour. Raimbaud spent most of his life in Italy at the court of Boniface II of Montferrat, whom he accompanied on the Crusade of 1202, and was the author of the first ...

HOASM: Richard I


... The picturesque tale of his rescue from prison by Blondel de Nesle is sadly apocryphal; two of his poems survive, one with music, and his death was mourned by Gaucelm Faidit in a moving planh or lament. IIA: Troubadours, Trouvères and ...

HOASM: Meister Rumelant


... legendary Meistersinger. IIA: Troubadours, Trouvères and Minnesingers  |  Home Early Music, WBAI, Chris Whent, Here Of A Sunday Morning, HOASM, Classical Music, William Byrd, Thomas Tallis, Campion, discographies, troubadours, Rosseter, ...

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