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HOASM: Antonio Vivaldi


HOASM: Antonio Vivaldi Antonio (Lucio) Vivaldi (1678-1741) Italian composer. His fat-her, Giovanni Battista, was a successful violinist and taught Antonio the instrument from an early age. From 1693 until he was ordained in 1703, Vivaldi ...

HOASM: The Italian Settecento (18th Century)


... principle led to the development of the Concerto Grosso ( Arcangelo Corelli , died 1713) and the solo concerto ( Antonio Vivaldi , died 1741). Domenico Scarlatti (died 1757) re-presents a late blossoming of virtuoso music for the harpsichor ...

HOASM: The Concerto in the Italian Settecento


... Weissenburg) Tomaso (Giovanni) Albinoni Carlo Besozzi Francesco Antonio Bonporti Arcangelo Corelli Evaristo Felice Dall'Abaco Francesco Geminiani Bartolomeo Girolamo Laurenti Pietro Antonio Locatelli Francesco Mancini Giovanni Battista ...

HOASM: The Solo and Trio Sonata


... adjusted the Corelli model to the currents of late baroque music, among the most impo-rtant being Tommaso Albinoni , Antonio Vivaldi , and Francesco Maria Veracini . Their works are characterized by an expansion and roundedness of form, an ...

HOASM: Vivaldi Opus 4, No IX


HOASM: Vivaldi Opus 4, No IX Vivaldi Opus 4 (La Stravaganza) Concerto No. 9 Return: Antonio Vivaldi  |  The Concerto   |   The Research Periods

HOASM: Vivaldi's Dedication of La Stravaganza


... I have enjoyed the honor of calling myself Your Excellency's Most Humble, Devoted and Obedient Servant ANTONIO VIVALDI Return: Antonio Vivaldi  |  The Concerto   |   The Research Periods



HOASM: VIVALDI "LA STRAVAGANZA" VIVALDI "LA STRAVAGANZA" In his preface to L'Estro Armonico , Vivaldi (or possibly his publisher, Estienne Roger) had promised the dilettanti di musica a sequel to this collection, this time of concertos a ...

VIVALDI: L'Estro Armonico, Op . 3


... (a scheme that seems to have involved Vivaldi in a bit of a last-minute rewriting). The concertos are arranged in four groups of three, each containing a solo, double and quadr-uple concerto. In addition Vivaldi employs a pairwise arrangeme ...

2002 New Releases


... Jomelli Don Trastullo Roberta Invernizzi (sop); Rosario Totaro (ten); Giuseppe Navi-glio (bs) Capella de'Turchini Antonio Florio Naïve (From Opus 111) OP20006 Provenzale Dialogo per La Passione ° Vespro all' Oratorio Dei Girolamin ...

2009 New Releases


... Violin Concerto: 1690-1748, Volume Two Antonio Vivaldi Virtuoso Impresarion Mhairi Lawson (sop) La Serenissima Adrian Chandler Naïve OP30426 Vivaldi Concerti per Viol-oncello I Christophe Coin (vc), Il Giardino Armonica Giovanni Antonino ...

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