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Mariachi Defined in the Encyclopedia of Popular Music


Mariachi Defined in the Encyclopedia of Popular Music Home Entry on the Word Mariachi from The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Jonathan Clark MARIACHI GROUP The mariachi is Mexico’s best-known folk-derived musical ensemble. The word ...

Mariachi Tapatío


... films and broadcasts featuring Mariachi Tapatío and the trumpet of Jesús Salazar were their first exposure to mariachi music. By the late 1930s, Mariachi Tapatío had eclipsed the fame of any other mariachi, and was in a class by itself. ...

Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán


... in Tecalitlán, being associated with the Cocula region (see notes to Arhoolie 7011: Mariachi Coculense). In October of 1933 Mariachi Vargas participated in a mariachi contest held in Guadalajara. Most of the competing groups had added ...

Miguel Martínez


... because I was good. I think I got accepted because I already had mariachi experience and because I adapted to the mariachi in that audition. I also believe that God had me predest-ined to join Mariachi Vargas. JC: Not one of the other ...

Mariachi History


Mariachi History Mariachi History This Site Is Under Construction This Website is a work in progress featuring the writings and research of Jonathan Clark. You can contact him at ma-riachero@sbcglobal.net. Site updated: August 12, 2013.

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