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Turkish Pop Reviews


Turkish Pop Reviews Turkish Pop Reviews! Never underestimate DBW's tendency to get absorbed in a genre he knows nothing about, and attempt to get up to speed far too rapidly. These days, it's all about Türkpop, which combines Near ...



... Sıla - İmza - Konuşmadığımız Şeyler Var - Joker - Vaveyla - Yeni Ay After a few years writing songs for other Turkish pop artists like Kenan Doğulu and Emel Müftüoğlu (also collaborating with Sezen Aksu on a TV theme), Sıla ...

Nazan Öncel


... her early 50s. She's recorded in a variety of styles, but is best known for Turkish pop music - using Near Eastern melodic movement, some traditional instruments and strings within a recognizable Western pop/rock framework. And as ...

Candan Erçetin


... Pop 's contemporaneous homage to the same genre - but I hope and expect her next venture will be a bit more broadly accessible. (DBW) Milyonlarca Kuştuk... (2013) A return to Turkish pop, though there's a sprinkling of songs from ...

W & A's Record Reviews


... for one big whopping pile of record reviews? Check this out: 50s , 60s , 70s , 80s , 90s and 00s pop music reviews Funk , Metal , Turkish pop and Jazz and Latin music reviews And don't miss our Shameless Promotion of Artists We Know ...

Year In Review 2012


... but was defeated by a guy named Nate Silver. Music-wise, I listened to loads of Turkish pop and extreme metal ; next year I intend to cover more Latin, jazz and hip hop , but will continue to avoid pop megastars (except the ones I like ) ...

00's odds and ends


... replace Allenmark, who left in 2008. (DBW) Funda Arar, Aşkın Masum Çocukları (2011) Funda Arar is younger than Turkish pop pioneers like Sezen Aksu and Nazan Öncel , but her sound is a throwback: stately strings bending like willows ...

70s odds and ends


... Sezen Aksu, Sarki Söylemek Lazim (2002) Born in 1954, Sezen Aksu was at the forefront of the first significant wave of Turkish pop in the 1970s, and jumpstarted the current wave by mentoring top artists like Tarkan (Turkey's Michael ...

80s odds and ends


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