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Alcyone Systems: The Pleiades: Information


he early Copts knew them as Exastron , the Six-starred Asterism, and many Hindu legends mention only six. Discarding, of course, all the mythical explanations of the Lost Pleiad, I would notice some of the modern and serious attempts at an ...



max_TITLE(About m4) max_SUMMARY(About the process by which these pages are cre-ated) max_KEYWORDS({about, m4}) max_document_begin max_section_begin(m4) I use html_href(http://www.seindal.dk/rene/gnu/, GNU m4 1.4) to generate the HTML for ...

People links


People links People links 4 Lx 11 Links Links to people I've bumped into. Introduction. Here are links to people I respect and like that I know or have encountered on the Internet (mostly through Usenet, in groups such as rec.arts.sf.sci ...



ill set aside this feud by giving his daughter as "peace-weaver" and wife to the young king Ingeld, son of the slain Froda. But Beowulf, on general principles and from his observation of the particular case, foretells trouble. footnote 1 2. ...

Beowulf: XXXIII


... good old man sad in heart, 'twas heaviest sorrow. The sage assumed that his sovran God he had angered, breaking ancient law, and embittered the Lord. His breast within with black thoughts welled, as his wont was never. The folk's ...

Beowulf: XXXVII


Beowulf: XXXVII Beowulf XXXVII 15 Bw 36 Beowulf XXXVII. 'TWAS now, men say, in his sovran's need that the earl made known his noble strain, craft and keenness and courage enduring. Heedless of harm, though his hand was burned, ...

The Devil's Dictionary


The Devil's Dictionary The Devil's Dictionary 25 Dv   Devils Ambrose Bierce's classic work. Credits. The Devil's Dictionary by Ambrose Bierce Text by Ambrose Bierce, 1911; copyright expired. Etext version by Aloysius West, ...

The Devil's Dictionary: A


... health, Whose gratitude impelled him to proclaim: "My deadliest drug shall bear my patron's name!" G.J. APPEAL , v.t. In law, to put the dice into the box for another throw. APPETITE , n. An instinct thoughtfully implanted by Providenc ...

The Devil's Dictionary: B


... cell! With Citizen Mendicant all is not well. Why did they put him there, father? Because Obeying his belly he struck at the laws. His belly? Oh, well, he was starving, my boy -- A state in which, doubtless, there's little of joy. No ...

The Devil's Dictionary: C


rom bad thoughts that beset him, Ignores the Law as 't were a straw, And wants to sin -- don't let him. CUI BONO? [Latin] What good would that do me ? CUNNING , n. The faculty that distinguishes a weak animal or person from a strong ...

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