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VELOCITY OF LIGHT                         VELOCITY OF LIGHT   15./july/2003 Author: Dane Gacesa     ABSTRACT   a)              Light source (macrosource) is a set of elementary sources which have different velocitie ...

Largest velocity in the nature


Largest velocity in the nature Largest velocity in the nature   Introduction.   Light propaga-tion velocity assuredly is photons moving speed but, regarding ours supposition (Hip. 3 in our Energy Density Quantification model) , this should ...

Unconventional physics


... please, just glance to: Models and new ideas experimental verification ... or: Largest velocity in the nature Light speed is not (have not to be) a largest velocity in the nature... Speed of light may have changed over time Fine structure ...



... as well as a motion value, we confuse ourselves into believing that we can determine the Earth's rotational velocity. When stating the velocity of the Earth's rotation we use hours as our time increment and miles as our displacemen ...

Simple Unified Field Theory - THE NATURE OF MASS


... effect that indicates the electromagnetic basis of mass is the apparent increase in mass with velocity as the velocity of the mass increases with respect to the velocity of propegation of the medium through which it traverses. This is at ...

Simple Unified Field Theory - THE RED SHIFT


... of the shift, the Spiral Nebula were receding. The non-relativistic velocity due to Doppler shift in free space is given as: v = Doppler velocity in km/sec c = velocity of light = 3×10 5 km/sec L o = wavelength of received light L 1 = ...

Simple Unified Field Theory - RELATIVITY


... Here, the basic frame of reference is established by the larger body. The smaller body would be moving with respect to the velocity of propegation of the spatial field of the larger body and, as far as the larger body were concerned, the ...

Object energy density


... othesis 1: stable objects densitu     Hypothesis 2: stable objects mass     Hypothesis 3: largest possible object velocity     Hypothetical corpuscle (mion and tau neutrino ?) CONCLUSIONS REFERENCES STABLE OBJECT TABLE FIG1: Mass ...

Simple Unified Field Theory - THE NATURE OF CHARGE


... is what determines the radius of the particle? At first glance, we might expect this to be determined by the maximum radial velocity at the surface of the particle. Intuitively, this would be the speed of light. However, when we make this ...

Tesla`s magic


... 792.458 +/- 12 m/s! There is a gap in between that shows possibility of velocity greater than light, without changing the basic of Quantum Mechanics.    Overluminal velocity ex-periments, besides those with Tesla’s scalar waves: with ...

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