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Electron Spectroscopy Group, Brookhaven National Laboratory


... CMPMSD Operational Plan SBMS Weather The Bulletin BNL Site Index Can't View PDFs? Electron Spectroscopy Group   Welcome to the home page for the Electron Spectroscopy Group, a member of the Condensed Matter Physics and Materials ...



... The Institute for Advanced Electron Microscopy (IAEM) was launched in fall 2006 by the current Brookhaven National Laboratory Deputy Director, Doon Gibbs. The purpose of the institute is to facilitate the electron microscopy activities at ...

Electron Ion Collider


Electron Ion Collider Main Page From Electron Ion Collider Jump to: navigation , search Welcome to eRHIC New here? Find out how you can get started . Check back often, things are changing fast :). The EIC White Paper The eRHIC Design Study ...

Brookhaven National Laboratory — a passion for discovery


... Safety Workshop: New Frontiers and Operational Challenges September 22-24, 2015 SEP 28 Monday International Conference on Electron Spectroscopy and Structure: ICESS-15 September 28 - October 2, 2015 Lab Event Calendar Public Events Our ...

BNL | Physics Department | Home


... Collider designed to explore quark gluon plasma. Electron Ion Collider (Future) Plans for the world's first electron-nucleus collider, also known as eRHIC, call for the addition of a 5 to 10 GeV electron ring inside the RHIC tunnel. ...

BNL Chemistry Department


... Tracking Heat-Driven Decay in Leading Electric Vehicle Batteries Scientists reveal the atomic-scale structural and electronic degradations that plague rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and make them vulnerable during high-temperature ...

BNL | CFN: Electron Microscopy


BNL | CFN: Electron Microscopy Because you are not running JavaScript or allowing active scripting, some features on this page my not work.  >> Enable Javascript << Site Naviga-tion General Information Menu Scientific Departments ...

RHIC | Electron-Ion Collider


... proton or heavy ion beam, swollen with gluons, can be probed by another fundamental particle: the electron. In an electron-ion collider, super-bright electron beams accelerated to the same blazing, relativistic speed can bombard protons or ...

Electron Microscopy | Center for Functional Nanomaterials


... transmission field-emission electron microscope for high-resolution analytical structural characterization. Soft/Bio Materials Electron Microscope (JEOL 1400) An easy-to-use, high contrast, (scanning) transmission electron microscope with ...

Home of the EIC/e+A Working Group


... Contacts Welcome This is the home page of the EIC e+A Working Group. The group fo-cusses on the e+A aspects of a future Electron Ion Collider (EIC). If you are curious about the EIC and its physics please visit our Introduction page. There ...

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