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LIGO - Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory


LIGO - Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory   directory contact about ligo   LIGO CIT LIGO Hanford LIGO Livingston LIGO MIT operated by Caltech and MIT     :::     supported by the National Science Foundation LIGO ...

LIGO Hanford Observatory


... and to hear the thoughts and reflections of a number of LIGO personnel as they continue the journey toward gravitational wave detections on LIGO's huge interferometers. LIGO Tour Information Einstein's Messengers Messengers Web ...

Caltech Observational Cosmology Group


... stars formed and their relationship to the interstellar medium. Keck Array The Keck Array will deploy a suite of three microwave polarimeters to the South Pole in order to search the cosmic microwave background for the signatures of ...

LIGO Livingston Observatory


... Map Local Area Information Contact Us Media Public Tours WELCOME TO THE LIVING-STON LASER INTERFEROMETER GRAVITATIONAL-WAVE OBSERVATORY PARTNERS OF LIGO: LIGO is supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF). Any opinions, findi-ngs, ...

Confining light on a chip: the science of optical micro-resonators - ...


... tuning fork for light, optical resonators have a characteristic set of frequencies at which it is possible to confine light waves. At these frequencies, optical energy can be efficiently stored for lengths of time characterized by the ...

Topics in gravitational-wave physics - CaltechTHESIS


... in gravitational-wave physics - CaltechTHESIS CaltechTHESIS A Caltech Library Service Home About Browse Simple Search Advanced Search Deposit an Item Instructions for Stu-dents Contact Us Login Topics in gravitational-wave physics Citation ...

TAPIR at Caltech


... the collapse of a very massive star by Ott et al. 2011 Read more Vertex and Tendex fields describing outgoing gravitational waves from a black hole horizon Read more Specific ent-ropy distribution in the equatorial plane of a rapidly ...

Main page and resume of David I. Feinstein


... in mathematics and physics that are of independent interest: ’ Asking for coordinate tr-ansformations under which the wave equation remains invariant yields uniquely the Lorentz transformation of Special Relativity. ’ Solid ...

Air entrainment by bow waves - CaltechTHESIS


... measurements. Measurements of the free surface wave were obtained from the simulated bow waves at two scales, and also from the bow wave created a towed wedge model. Co-ntact line and bow wave profile measurements for the different ...

Topics in gravitational physics: tidal coupling in gravitational wave ...


... in gravitational physics: tidal coupling in gravitational wave searches and Mach's prin-ciple Citation Fang, Hua (2007) Topics in gravitational physics: tidal coupling in gravitati-onal wave searches and Mach's principle. Dissertatio ...

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