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Muon identifier


Muon identifier Next: Trigger Up: Experimental setup Previous: Time-of-flight wall &nbsp Contents Muon identifier Figure 16: Conceptual layout in plan view of the muon identifier. Sizes are indicated in m. At low energies of the ... The Muon Hodoscopes

dirac.web.cern.ch/DIRAC/Addendum/A/html/node33.html The Muon Hodoscopes Next: 5.3 The Trigger Up: 5.2.2 Detectors downstream of Previous: The Preshower Detectors &nbsp Contents The Muon Hodoscopes Two muon identification systems are located after thick iron ...

Common Muon and Proton Apparatus for Structure and Spectroscopy


Common Muon and Proton Apparatus for Structure and Spectroscopy Next: THE COMPASS COLLABORATION CERN/SPSLC 96-30 SPSLC/P 297 Add.1 ADDENDUM 1 The COMPASS Collaboration Contents REFEREES' QUESTIONS QUESTIONS ON PHYSICS QUESTIONS ON THE ...

PHYS430 Ionisation processes for muons and protons


PHYS430 Ionisation processes for muons and protons Next: Subroutines Up: GEANT Pr-evious: Subroutines PHYS430 Ionisation processes for muons and protons Routine ID: PHYS430 Author(s): Submitted: 12.03.82 Origin: G.N.Patrick, L.Urbán, D.Ward ...



MUON TARGET AND MAGNET Next: Construction schedule Up: ANSWERS TO THE QU-ESTIONS Previous: ANSWERS TO THE QUESTIONS MUON TARGET AND MAGNET Que-stion of the Referees: ----------- A detailed plan on the polarised target (+ solenoid), as a ...



MUON WALL DETECTORS Next: Physics requirements Up: ANSWERS TO THE QUESTIONS Previous: Funding MUON WALL DETECTORS Question of the Referees: ----------- Comments on the choice of the detector techniques, i.e. performances required by the ...

Energy loss for muons


Energy loss for muons Next: Energy loss for Up: CONS199 The Material Previous: Energy loss for Energy loss for muons DE/DX = Ionisation +brems. +Direct production +Nuclear in-teracti on [PHYS 430, 440, 450]. Janne Saarela Mon Apr 3 12:46:29 ...

Muon detection


Muon detection Next: Preshower and electromagnetic calorimeter Up: Description of the detector Previous: The honeycomb chambers Muon detection This system consists of the one presently used in NOMAD and located at the end of its apparatus, ...

Photo-electric effect. Muon nuclear interaction


Photo-electric effect. Muon nuclear interaction Next: Positron annihilation Up: CONS199 The Material Previous: Mixture and compound Photo-electric effect. Muon nuclear interaction As the photo-electric effect vanishes at high energies ...

Muon decay channel


Muon decay channel Next: Electron decay channel Up: Sensitivity and background Previous: Sensitivity and background Muon decay channel The search for decays into muon takes advantage of a clear topology and a low background. Preliminary ...

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