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Attraction and Repulsion - and UEF


... - and UEF comment + criticism welcome `Perceptions' ITEM Copyright © 2009 Ray Di-ckenson Charge Attraction and Repulsion - and UEF Electrical charge is not what `scienti-sts' assume Reality:- patterns of reaction - in the surroundin ...



... Ja'afer Sadique (AS) "Ho, every one that thirsteth, come ye to the waters - wine and milk - without cost and without charge" Isaiah Sayings Sign of the Times `perceptions are all we have' CONTENTS trapped in a maze slow down   - ...

Blind Science


... mass" exactly proportional to "inertial mass"?  A big problem for modern physics. "The notion of mass as gravitational charge is perhaps the best "theoretical" notion of mass we have. Note that this idea of mass is qualitatively different ...

Greatest Discoveries of the 20th Cent


... the "Law of Conservation of Parity" that claimed "universal forces are not aware of "left / right" or "positive / negative charge" or "N / S magnetic polarity" [ Most male-dominated quantum physicists supported the "Law of Parity" - ...

The Two Bacons


... Notes on Bacon) During the reign of King James I, Bacon was made Attorney General and eventually became Lord Chancellor (in charge of the law courts and the appointment of ju-diciary). During this time he was writing essays on philosophy, ...



... to find (att.) and impossible to miss - because it's all around but out-of-reach. Inside the Universe Note: QUOTE from charge.html "It can be seen - from radiation - that a/m small number of spiralling UEF energy points are brought ...

Space, matter, thought


... shape - into protons.  The UEF interacts with protons (nucleii) and we will have ` ele-ctrons ', `positrons' and `charge' - " Electromagnetism " - and the "Nuclear Forces". The Universe starts its 'normal' expansion and ...

UEF Index


... AntiGrav-Fertility-Fusion--Power-Radiation-BrainEnhance-FTLMove-SpaceProtect-WeatherControl Abolish a FORCE! An OUTLINE CHARGE RADIATION MAGNETISM MASS RELATIVISTIC JETS PRECESSION FERTILITY F.T.L COMMS FOOTNOTES To Make a Se-nsor No Black ...

Psyche Storms


... Lympne, Kent, UK. Two fire-officers reported seeing a triangular UFO hover over palace of UK's `Home Secretary' - in charge of Police, Courts, Security (see corruptlaw ). That was Michael Howard: seen as `Cruello d'Evil' by ...

Old, old reasons for hatred


... ourself with dislike or distaste for another, without a clearly defined reason - below , we can be sure that we are not in charge of those thoughts. The reptile brain has taken over and inserted some of its reflexes disguised as our ...

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