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Reflection and Refraction


Reflection and Refraction Summary This is not yet complete. Mass Homework Return to Ch 27, Special Relativity (c) Doug Davis, 2003; all rights reserved

Reflection and Refraction


Reflection and Refraction Chapter 23, Table of Contents The Nature of Light The Speed of Light Reflection Index of Refraction Refraction and Snell's Law Total Internal Reflection Fiber Optics Dispersion and Spectra Color Vision Color ...

Reflection and Refraction


Reflection and Refraction Index of Refraction The index of refraction is a description of the speed of light in a material.   c is the speed of light in vacuum. v is the speed of light in a material. n is the index of refraction for that ...

Reflection and Refraction


... bent toward or away from the normal? A: The index of refraction for water is 1.33 and the index of refraction of glass is about 1.55 so the index of refraction of water is less than the index of refraction of glass. This is the same ...

Reflection and Refraction


Reflection and Refraction Summary This is not yet complete. Results Homework Return to Ch 28, Quantum Mechanics (ToC) (c) Doug Davis, 2002; all rights reserved

Reflection and Refraction


Reflection and Refraction Color Vision The sensors on the retina of our eyes are (roughly) sensitive to red green blue This can be useful in "fooling" our eyes or reconstructing colors. Click here for Interactive C o l o r Mixing.  Use the ...

Reflection and Refraction


Reflection and Refraction Fiber Optics Total internal reflection is very useful. Because of total internal reflection, light can bend around corners in a "light pipe" or "optical fiber" or "fiber optics". Telephone companies (and our own ...

Reflection and Refraction


Reflection and Refraction Polarization Waves may be transverse or longitudinal . Only tran-sverse waves can be polarized. A wave on a string is an example of a transverse wave. Light is a transverse electromagnetic wave so it can be polarized ...

Reflection and Refraction


Reflection and Refraction Dispersion and Spectra The index of refraction varies -- it depends upon the wavelength (or color) of the light. This means light of different wavelengths (or colors) will be refracted through different angles of ...

Reflection and Refraction


Reflection and Refraction Total Internal Reflection In going from a "more dense" material, like glass or water, to a "less dense" material, like air, a beam of light is bent away from the normal. Snell's Law Fiber Optics Return to Ch 23, ...

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