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Special Relativity


Special Relativity Chapter 27 Opening Key Ideas Galilean Relativity Historical Background Einsteinean Relativity and SpaceTime Coordinates Simultaneity The Lorentz Transformat-ions Applications of the Lorentz Transformations Velocity ...

Special Relativity


Special Relativity Application of the Lorentz Transformations To use the Lorentz Transfor-mations, we must decide how to measure a moving meterstick or a moving rocket ship. It sounds simple enough. But if you will think on this for a moment, ...

Special Relativity


Special Relativity Mass in Special Relativity m = Again, the speed of light is a universal speed limit! In Special Relativity, the kinetic energy turns out to be given by KE = - m o c 2 or KE = m c 2 - m o c 2 Whatever happened to KE = ( 1 / ...

Special Relativity


Special Relativity Einsteinean Relativity and SpaceTime Coordinates Einstein's postulate of Special Relativity: All the laws of Physics are the same for all observers moving with consant relative velocity. An important corollary: All ...

Special Relativity


Special Relativity The Lorentz Transformations The Galilean Transformations do not give the experimentally observed results that all inertial observers measure the same value for the speed of light. If they are wrong, what are the correct ...

Special Relativity


Special Relativity Velocity Transformations As a young child, I was fascinated by the foll-owing question that my father posed to me: If a machine gun, which fires bullets at 100 miles per hour, is mounted on an airplane that flies 200 miles ...

Special Relativity


... Simultaneity - II may require some time to download. Einsteinean Relativity and Space-Time Coordinates Simultaneity - II (animation) The Lorentz Transformations Return to Ch 27, Special Relativity (c) Doug Davis, 2003; all rights reserved

Special Relativity


Special Relativity Lorentz-Fitzgerald Length Contraction We now have which tells us that the length L measured for the moving meter stick is shorter than the length L o measured when it is a test. This difference in length is called the ...

Special Relativity


Special Relativity Opening Taylor and Wheeler begin their excellent book, Spacetime Phy-sics with a parable of considerable significance: Once upon a time there was a Daytime surveyor who measured off the king's lands. He took his ...

Special Relativity


... both observers find the same value for the speed of light ! How can this be? Galilean Relativity Einsteinean Relativity and SpaceTime Coordinates Return to Ch 27, Special Rela-tivity (c) Doug Davis, 2002; all rights reserved

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