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AC Electromagnet


AC Electromagnet Experiments with electromagnets AC Electromagnets Description: An AC electromagnet is simply a coil of wire connected to an AC voltage source.  It can have an air core or an iron core. Construction: First, you need a coil ...

DC Electromagnet


... diagram of the field around this electromagnet without an iron core, look here . For a si-mulated diagram of the field around this electromagnet with an iron core, look here .   An Easy Electromagnet Experiment   Making an electromagnet ...

Suspended Objects Experiment


... how to build an electromagnet with an optical sensor which will keep a hollow steel ball floating in the air about 1/4" below the electromagnet. This is like the globe of the earth which is suspended in air under an electromagnet that can ...

Magnet Man - Cool Experiments with Magnets


...       Jacob's Ladder     Battery Powered Electromagnet     The Plank     Audio Speakers       Make A Speaker! AC Electromagnets   DC Electromagnets       An Easy Electromagnet Experiment     A Pair of Electroma ...

Levitator Experiment


... need the ability to quickly control the current to the electromagnet depending upon the position of the object to the electromagnet.  This will allow us to be able to suspend the object under the electromagnet at a fixed distance. This ...



... proportional to the magnitude of the current flowing in the wire of the electromagnet.  The polarity of the electromagnet is determined by the direction the current.  The north pole of the electromagnet is determined by using your right ...

Magnet Basics


... current flowing through it becomes a magnet. 7. Putting iron inside a current-carrying coil increases the strength of the electromagnet. 8. A changing magnetic field induces an ele-ctric current in a conductor. 9. A charged particle ...

How can you magnetically levitate objects?


... 9. Attraction between an electromagnet and a piece of iron or a magnet, with sensors and active control of the current to the electromagnet used to maintain some distance between them. 10. Repulsion between and electromagnet and a magnet, ...

Magnet math


... fields change depending on how far away you are from the magnet, what shape the ma-gnet is, or if it is a solenoid or electromagnet.  We also need to understand how various materials react to magnetic fields.  In addition, we need to know ...

A gallery of magnetic fields


... with a gap between them Two bar magnets side by side, N by S, with a gap between them DC electromagnet with an air core DC electromagnet with a soft iron core DC electromagnet with a soft iron core, with a small permanent magnet below it ...

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