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Fermilab History and Archives Project | Fixed Target Program - Proton ...


... History and Archives Project Fixed Target Program - Proton Area Return to Fixed Target Program Proton Pictures The Proton Pagoda Model, April, 1973 Proton Area begins study of high energy protons (November, 1972) Proton Area opens Pagoda ...

Fermilab | Tevatron | Tevatron Operation


... until 2009, accelerates protons and antiprotons to nearly 1 TeV. All about antimatter Fermilab makes antiprotons by smashing protons against a nickel target. The Antiproton So-urce in Fermilab’s accelerator complex makes about 20 ...

Proton Driver and Its Applications


Proton Driver and Its Applications Proton Driver and Its Applications Parameters of Present, Stage 1 and Stage 2 Parameters of Present, Phase I and Phase II Comparison with Other High Intensity Proton Machines Operation Modes of the Proton ...

Operation Terminology


Operation Terminology Operation Terminology Proton A proton is an elementary particle that is the positive unit charged constituent of ordinary matter. Its mass is 938 MeV and has a spin of 1/2. Protons are one of the particles constituting ...

Fermilab History and Archives Project | Accelerator History - Linac


... 200 MeV (December, 1970) A Linac Historical Photo Gallery HISTORICAL MOMENT AT NAL 1st NAL Proton Beam by Dr. Cyril H. Curtis A photo of the early accelerated proton beam from NAL's pre-accelerator: 200 milliamperes during 80 microseco ...

Proton Driver Physics Study


Proton Driver Physics Study Proton Driver Meeting 12 - April - 2001 FNAL Comitium Pres-entations:- Weiren Chou: Announcements relating to the Machine Y. Wah: Precision Mea-surement of KL -> pi0 nu nubar (KAMI) Ed Hartouni: Hadron-Nuclear ...

MINERvA: Bringing neutrinos into sharp focus


... same coin Neutrino Test Beam Program: Trust but Verify Who let the pions out of the nucleus? A neutrino tale as told by a proton Other items Pre-2012 News Articles: Fermilab Today articles     Further reading: An explanation by symmetry ...

The DZero Experiment


... Laboratory (Fermilab) in Batavia, Illinois, USA. The research is focused on precise st-udies of interactions of protons and antiprotons at the highest available energies provided by the Tevatron collider. It involves an intense search for ...

MINOS Experiment and NuMI Beam Home Page


... Fermilab Home NuMI - Neutrinos at the Main Injector The NuMI Beamline is a facility at Fermilab, near Chicago, which uses protons from the Main Injector accelerator to produce an intense beam of neutrinos which are utilized by the MINOS ...

Proton Driver Physics Study


Proton Driver Physics Study Proton Driver Meeting 19 - April - 2001 FNAL Black Hole Pre-sentations:- Jorge Morfin: Future of neutrino DIS Experiments John Arrington: High X Phy-sics Fred Olness: neutrino physics at the proton driver Bonnie ...

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