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General Systems Theory, Symmetry, and the Theory of Everything


... Particle Forces Section XVIII: The Strong Force: Two Expressions Section XVI: Introd-uction to the Higgs Boson (Part I) The "Higgs" Boson and the Spacetime Metric The "Higgs" Boson and the Weak Force IVBs: Part I The Higgs Boson and the ...

Teilhard de Chardin


class as intuition, for lack of a better understanding of the phenomena. But intuition is cl-early a very high-order form of perception, which may well extend into areas of spirituality, mysticism, and the occult. Who "invented" Astrology ...

Einstein's Equivalence Principle


... the transformation of free energy into bound energy. It is the weak force which actually gauges and scales (with the Higgs boson and the IVBs) and otherwise regulates (with "id-entity" charges and neutrinos) the conversion of the free ...

The Fractal Organization of Nature: Part 6. Summary


... and the ultimate source of the energy, particles, and order of our universe, the "Big Bang", and row 1. (See: " The Higgs Boson and the Weak Force IVBs ".) Although there is an inevitable circularity about such arguments, the concept of ...

Global and Local Gauge Symmetries in the "Tetrahedron Model" (Part I)


... quark confinement and protects and maintains whole quantum units of charge; and the weak force in which the massive Higgs boson and the IVBs produce invariant, single ele-mentary particles - exactly the same in every conserved parameter ...

Global and Local Gauge Symmetries in the "Tetrahedron Model"


mmetry (the conversion of bound to free energy), causality (the creation of time and hist-oric spacetime, and including "Lorentz Invariance"), and finally energy itself (providing negative energy to balance matter's positive energy). All ...

Global-Local Gauge Symmetries of the Weak Force


... standard to which any new electron must conform. Accomplishing this feat in practice requires the mediation of the Higgs boson and the weak force IVBs (Intermediate Vector Bo-sons) - and provides the rationale for their huge masses. The ...



... of the Cosmos in a final "Big Crunch"). (Driven by symmetry conservation - Noether's Theorem.) (See: " The Higgs Boson and the Weak Force IVBs ".) The Role of Alternative Forces and Charge Carriers The role of alternative forces and ...

A Description of Gravitation


... actual mathematics behind my grossly simplified "concept equation" has already been done. (See also the paper " The "Higgs" Boson and the Spacetime Metric ".) Light Is Non-Local, A-temporal, and A-causal "Velocity c" is the gauge of both ...

Gravity, Entropy, and Thermodynamics: Part II


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