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Advanced Light Source


Advanced Light Source About the ALS ALS@20 .... Quick Facts Mission Statement ALS in the News .... Strategic Plan Director's Office Organization Advisory Panels History Future Res-earch Areas Applied Science/Techniques Bioscience ...

Advanced Light Source


... how its molecules are arranged. Fact: X rays have shorter wavelengths than visible light. But both are light, also called electromagnetic radiation.     Why is the ALS so large? To produce light of the wavelengths and brightness that ...

Advanced Light Source « Berkeley Lab News Center


... New Path to More Efficient Organic Solar Cells Uncovered at Berkeley Lab’s Advanced Light Source January 7, 2013 Working at Berkeley Lab’s Advanced Light Source (ALS), an international team of scientists found that for highly efficient ...

NGLS: Next Generation Light Source


NGLS: Next Generation Light Source NGLS Science NGLS Technology Seminars Worksh-op/Reports Related Links Further Info   Today is a golden age for light sources. Storage rin-g–based synchrotrons routinely provide X-ray beams exploited by ...

Advanced Light Source « Today at Berkeley Lab


Advanced Light Source « Today at Berkeley Lab On a mobile device? Switch to TODAY's mobile version. News Center Cafeteria Menu Flea Market Contact Submit Awards Holiday Schedule Posts Tagged ‘Advanced Light Source’ « Older Entries ...

LBL Develops Femtosecond Flashlight


... -- LBL's New Center for Beam Physics. By Lynn Yarris, LCYarris@lbl.gov What would you do with a light source that could flash beams of x-ray light in strobe-like pulses lasting only a few millionths of a billionth of a second? In other ...

The Lumina Project: About: The Opportunity


... decline very gradually (by less than 1% per year!) between now and the year 2030. Alth-ough one in four people today obtain light exclusively with kerosene, other fuels, candles, and battery-powered torches (plus an unknown additional ...

The Lumina Project


... throughout the world. You can add your organization and projects to this map. What's New Alternatives to Fuel-based Light for Night Fishing Health Impacts of Fuel-based Lighting Carbon to Light: trading emissions offsets Home About The ...

First Light for BOSS – A New Kind of Search for Dark Energy « ...


First Light for BOSS – A New Kind of Search for Dark Energy « Berkeley Lab News Center About Berkeley Lab | About the Director Search the News Center:   Contact Us Biology for Energy and Health Climate + Environment Computing Energy ...

Microworlds - Exploring the Structure of Materials


...   Welcome! MicroWorlds is an interactive tour of current research in the materials scie-nces at Berkeley Lab's Advanced Light Source. Along the way, you'll find out: What the Advanced Light Source is and how this amazing machine ...

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