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Index of Refraction


Index of Refraction Index of Refraction Chemical Formula: Density: gm/cm^3 (enter nega-tive value to use tabulated values.) Photon Energy (eV) Wavelength (nm) Range from to in steps (&lt 500). (NOTE: Energies must be in the range 30 eV ...



Refraction Refraction in Everyday Life IV. Application How do layers of air with different te-mperatures refract sound ? How could early Arctic explorers use refraction see beyond the curvature of the Earth? How does a prism break up white ...



Refraction Refraction Labs III. Exploration - Quantative: Do the same as you did in Qualit-ative E , or use the same lines. At each place that the 2 lines touch the prism draw a line perpendicular to the prism. Continue it inside the prism. ...

Refraction links


Refraction links Links to Help Understand Refraction IV. Explanations: See reflection and refraction with a flashlight . This java applet illustrates the physics of a beam of light impi-nging on water/air surface. By Fu-Kwun Hwang. Refraction ...

refraction - prior


... the edge of the prism. Did the two outside lines make a straight line? How do you explain this? Continue on to Refraction Lab . Index for Refraction . Andria Erzberger 2/1/01

CXRO X-Ray Interactions With Matter


... With Matter Introduction Access the atomic scattering factor files. Look up x-ray properties of the elements . The index of refraction for a compound material. The x-ray attenuation length of a solid. X-ray transmission Of a solid . Of a ...

Optics_links to Lessons


... Concave & Convex Mirrors Lenses - Prior Knowledge and Explorations . - Lab . - Ray Diagrams . - Applying What You Know . Refraction - Prior Knowledge and Explorations - Lab - Explanations and Links - Applying What You Know - For more ...

Lawrence and His Laboratory: Chapter 6: Bumper Crop

www.lbl.gov/Science-Articles/Research-Review/Magazine/1981/81fchp ...

... occurs only in the forward direction and at an angle uniquely determined by the particle's speed and the index of refraction of the medium. The Rad Lab had not been a leader in detection methods before the war and its war work did not, ...

MGF Entity ir


MGF Entity ir Return to index NAME ir - set the complex index of refraction for the current material SYNOPSIS ir n_real n_imag DESCRIPTION Set the index of refraction for the current material to (n_real,n_imag). If the material is a ...

The Materials and Geometry Format


... for current material ts tau_s alpha_t set specular transmittance for current material ir n_real n_imag set index of refraction for current material Vertex v [id [= [template]]] get/set vertex context p x y z set point position for current ...

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