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Refraction In Moving Media


Refraction In Moving Media 2.8  Refraction At A Plane Boundary Between Moving Media   Mathematicians usually consider the Rays of Light to be Lines reaching from the luminous Body to the Body illuminated, and the refraction of those Rays ...

Interference or Refraction?


... to shift.  Of course, the ray-tracing model with refraction considers only the primary fringe, whereas the quantum electrodynamics model with phase shift accounts for all the fringes.     2.0  Refraction Interpretation   To estimate ...

Reflections on Relativity


... Sound and Light 121 2.5 Stellar Aberration 130 2.6 Mobius Transformations of the Night Sky 144 2.7 The Sagnac Effect 152 2.8 Refraction Between Moving Media 163 2.9 Acceler-ated Travels 171 2.10 The Starry Messenger 186 2.11 Thomas ...



... rays nearly perpendicular to the surface, the ratio of the angles of incidence and refraction is (nearly) proportional to the ratio of what we now call the indices of refraction of the me-dia. Originally these indices were just empirically ...

Refractions on Relativity


... rays of light as they pass through a medium with a continuously varying index of refraction.   Notice that if we approximate a continuously changing index of refraction by a sequence of thin uniform plates, as we add more plates the ratio ...

Spin and Polarization


... crystals (as well as some other substances) have an isotropic index of refraction for light whose electric field oscillates in one particular plane, but an anisotropic index of refraction for light whos



... observatory, which happens to be at about 51.5 degrees latitude. Vertical observations minimize the effects of atmospheric refraction, but surely this is an incomplete explanation for choosing γ Draconis, because stars with this same ...

Bending Light


... case, Lorentz’s letter also included a rough analysis of the amount of deflection that would be expected due to ordinary refraction in the gas surrounding the Sun. His calculations indicated that a suitably chosen gas density at the ...

The Helen of Geometers


... particle subject to the acceleration of gravity and the motion of a pulse of light through a medium with varying index of refraction. Recall that Fermat’s principle of least time sign-ifies that a pulse of light follows the path of least ...

Paths Not Taken


... the path AB will be refracted and arrive at C, even though the index of refraction at each point along the path AB is identical to what it was before, where there was no refraction.  This shows that the path of a light ray cannot be ...

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