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Reflections on Relativity


Reflections on Relativity Reflections on Relativity Now available in hardcover and paperback Also available at Amazon , Barnes & Noble Preface 1 1. First Principles 1.1 From Experience to Spacetime 5 1.2 Systems of Reference 12 1.3 ...

Refractions on Relativity


Refractions on Relativity 8.4  Refractions on Relativity   For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face. Now I know in part, but then shall I know even as also I am known.                           ...

The Relativity of Light


The Relativity of Light 1.4  The Relativity of Light   According to the theory of emission, the transmission of energy [of light] is effected by the actual transference of light-corpuscles… According to the theory of undulation, there is ...



1.3  Inertia and Relativity   These or none must serve for reasons, and it is my great hap-piness that examples prove not rules, for to confirm this opinion, the world yields not one example.                          ...

Bending Light


... Einstein would never have been able to claim the bending of light (at twice the Newtonian value) as a prediction of general relativity. At best he would have been forced to explain, after the fact, why the observed deflection was actually ...



... (see Section 6.1), and all the original empirical tests of general relativity can be inferred from this solution. However, even without knowing the field equations of general relativity, it is possible to give a very plausible (if not ...

Teaching Special Relativity


Teaching Special Relativity Teaching Special Relativity   The mutual actions of two bodies upon each other are always equal.                                                           ...

The IEEE Refutes Special Relativity


The IEEE Refutes Special Relativity The IEEE Refutes Special Relativity Evidence of the sad state of science education can be seen in the IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement, which recently published papers claiming to ...

Does Relativistic Mass Imply Special Relativity?


... Special Relativity? Does Relativistic Mass Imply Special Relativity?   In a collection of essays on the subject of special relativity (“Six Not-So-Easy Pieces”), Richard Feynman presents the formula for relativistic mass     and ...

A Primer on Special Relativity


A Primer on Special Relativity A Primer on Special Relativity   An inertial coordinate system is defined as a system of space and time coordinates in terms of which the resistance to acceleration of any given object at rest is the same at ...

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