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Photonic Crystal Research


Photonic Crystal Research Photonic Crystal Research About half of our group is dedicated to working on problems related to a new kind of material, photonic crystals (also known as photonic band-gap materials ). Photonic crystals are periodic ...

Waveguide Bends


Waveguide Bends Waveguide Bends in Photonic Crystals In conventional waveguides, such as fiber-optic cables, light is confined by total internal reflection (also known as index confinement, a more accurate term when the guide diameter is on ...

Resonant Cavities


Resonant Cavities Resonant Cavities in Photonic Crystals When a point defect is created in a photonic crystal, it is possible for that defect to pull a light mode into the band gap. Be-cause such a state is forbidden from propagating in the ...

Photonic Micropolis


Photonic Micropolis hi-res version The Photonic Micropolis The picture above depicts a "photonic micropolis," a rather fanciful collage of many different photonic crystal devices. Rather than trying to ascribe any collective meaning to this ...

Photonic Crystals Tutorial


... materials are from my short course (SC608) offered periodically at the SPIE Photonics conferences (Photonics West, Photonics North, Optics & Photonics, etc.): Photonic Cr-ystals: A Crash Course : PDF (39MB) and PowerPoint (46MB) slides. ...

Channel-Drop Filters


... and routed to its destination, and to separate a conversation you need a channel-drop filter. It turns out that by using photonic crystals, one can construct a perfect channel drop filter--that is, one which reroutes the desired channel ...

One-Dimensional Crystals


One-Dimensional Crystals One-Dimensional Photonic Crystals Below is an SEM image of a air bridge structure fabricated (and imaged) by our colleagues K. Y. Lim, G. Petrich, and L. Kolodziejski in CMSE. This is a conventional waveguide, ...

Three-Dimensional Photonic Crystal


Three-Dimensional Photonic Crystal Three-Dimensional Photonic Crystals The ideal str-ucture to have is a three-dimensionally periodic photonic crystal (simply referred to here as a three-dimensional photonic crystal) with a full band-gap in ...

Waveguide Crossings


... a one-dimensional photonic crystal that can confine a cavity mode. Here, the crosstalk is only 0.08%, versus 7% crosstalk in the same intersection without holes. You can also dow-nload this movie (181 kB). Because there is no photonic ...

The Color of Shock Waves in Photonic Crystals


The Color of Shock Waves in Photonic Crystals The Color of Shock Waves in Photonic Cr-ystals Evan J. Reed, Marin Soljacic, J. D. Joannopoulos, " Color of shock waves in phot-onic crystals, " Phys. Rev. Lett. 90 , 203904 (2003). A preprint can ...

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