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Thermophysical Properties of Fluid Systems


Thermophysical Properties of Fluid Systems Thermophysical Properties of Fluid Systems Accurate thermophysical properties are available for several fluids. These data include the following: Density C p Enthalpy Internal energy Viscosity ...

NIST Standard Reference Databases: Fluids


... to: data@nist.gov * Industrial Fluids and Chemical Engineering Providing reliable data on the thermophysical properties of fluid mixtures has been a primary area of focus of NIST. A set of combined theoretical and empirical predictive ...

Chemical Engineering & Processing Fluids Information at NIST


... (10/01/2012) Atomic Standard of Pressure (12/15/2011) COMPLETED: Polymer Form-ulations (10/05/2012) Fluid and flow metrology in SSD (10/18/2011) Fluid Metrology Group Staff Directory (04/10/2013) NIST Chemistry Webbook (02/27/2013) ...

A Diffuse-Interface Description of Fluid Systems


A Diffuse-Interface Description of Fluid Systems Next: Role of Anisotropy Up: Applications in Materials Previous: Morphogenesis in Liquid A Diffuse-Interface Description of Fluid Systems Daniel M. Anderson and Geoffrey B. McFadden, ACMD In ...



... please contact the webmaster by sending e-mail to: data@nist.gov * NIST Standard Reference Database 23 NIST Reference Fluid Thermodynamic and Transport Properties Dat-abase (REFPROP): Version 9.1 Rate our Products and Services Click here ...

Critical properties and phase separation in lattice Boltzmann fluid ...


Critical properties and phase separation in lattice Boltzmann fluid mixtures - Fluid Interac-tion Next: Equilibrium Critical Phenomena in Up: Brief Review of Lattice Previous: Brief Review of Lattice Fluid Interaction An interaction force F i ...

Experimental Properties of Fluids Group Homepage


... and government. The Group develops and maintains high accuracy instruments and ap-paratus for a wide range of pure fluids and fluid mixtures. We cover nonpolar, polar, dipolar aprotic, and aqueous fluids that may consist of one component, ...

NIST Chemistry WebBook


... Point data compiled by R.L. Brown , S.E. Stein Henry's Law Constants compiled by R. Sander Thermophysical Properties of Fluid Systems by E.W. Lemmon , M.O. McLinden , D.G. Friend UV/Visible Spectra compiled by V. Talrose , E.B. Stern , ...

NIST Fluid Metrology Group


... Home  >  PML  >  Sensor Science Division  >  Fluid Metrology Group * Fluid Metrology Group Welcome The Fluid Metrology Group provides calibration services for fluid flow, air-speed, liquid density and volume measurements. The ...

Length scales relating the fluid permeability and electrical ...


... there are more of these stagnant areas (with little or no flow) for fluid flow than for elec-trical current flow. Figure 11: (a) Pore space, (b) electrical field magnitude, and (c) fluid velocity magnitude correlation functions as a ...

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