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Oak Ridge National Laboratory | ORNL


... properties in a rare-earth alloy New frontiers Provisional names have been announced for superheavy elements Finding fermions Scientists are on the trail of an elusive massless particle Better combustion Titan supercomputer propels GE ...

Oak Ridge National Laboratory - Physical Sciences Directorate

www.ornl.gov/sci/physical_sciences_directorate/monte_carlo_highli ...

... Review NanoScience Review Home › Highlights Self-healing Diffusion Quantum Monte Carlo Algorithms: Direct Reduction of the Fermion Sign Error in Electronic Structure Calcu-lations Accurately solving the many electron Schrödinger equation ...

Corporate Fellows | ornl.gov


... of transition and rare-earth metals, metal-electrolyte interfaces, superconductivity, and physical properties of heavy fermion, mixed valent, and fractal materials Ralph Livingston (1979) For work in magnetic resonance, including the early ...

Wide Angular-Range Chopper Spectrometer | Neutron Science at ORNL


... ensional systems; one-dimensional quantum magnets and low-dimensional conductors Magnetism in actinide materials; heavy fermion magnetism and superconductivity Chemical Physics Deep inelastic neutron scattering studies of hydrogen ...

Awards 2012 | ORNL Neutron Sciences


... contributions to the study of magnetic structure and of dynamics of strongly correlated electron systems including heavy fermion, magnetoelectric, and Fe-based superconducting systems.” Christianson came to ORNL in 2006 as a Shull Fellow ...

Polarized Triple-Axis Spectrometer | Neutron Science at ORNL


... and critical phenomena in a broad variety of materials, from shape memory and supere-lastic alloys to thin films and heavy fermion systems. The choice of two monochromator plugs gives this instrument great versatility. The polarizing plug ...

Microsoft Word - Agenda-APiP-041802.doc


... 2:30 – 2:45 Break Atomic & Molecular Physics I 2:45 – 3:15 Ken LaGattuta, Los Al-amos National Laboratory “Fermion Molecular Dynamics Applied to Problems in the Atomic Physics of Plasmas” 3:15 – 3:45 Fred Meyer, Oak Ridge ...

Points of Contact | ORNL Neutron Sciences


... confined in small pores Herb Mook Magnetism and lattice dynamics of highly correlated electronic systems such as heavy fermion materials and the high temperature supercond-uctors Dean Myles Center for Structural Molecular Biology, biologica ...

Interview with Dieter Richter | ORNL Neutron Sciences


... is the common thread linking the known types of unconventional superconductors—copper oxides (cuprates), iron-based, heavy fermion, and organic. In the spin-fluctuation mec-hanism, an exchange interaction between electron spins (“spin ...

Ames Laboratory Neutron Scattering at Oak Ridge National Laboratory


... (Fe-30,V-6, Fe-6, Fe-8). Highly correlated electron systems (metal-insulator transi-tions, mixed-valence systems, heavy fermion superconductors, Kondo systems). High temperature cuprate superconductors. Metamagnetic alloys (TbPtIn). ...

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