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Entropy and the second law of thermodynamics


... law. Almost as good as http://secondlaw.oxy.edu/two.html . Now go to that big one, "What is entropy, really ?"   S: Entropy is no mystery or complicated idea. Entropy is merely the way to measure the energy that disperses or spreads out ...



ENTROPY IS NOT "DISORDER" Notice : entropysite.com is now http://entropysite.oxy.edu . Please update your links and bookmarks. Entropy is not “disorder” Entropy change measures the dispersal of energy (at a specific temperature), i.e. q ...

Entropy and the Second Law of Thermodynamics


Entropy and the Second Law of Thermodynamics Notice : 2ndlaw.com is now http://2ndl-aw.oxy.edu . Please update your links and bookmarks. ENTROPY and the Second Law of Thermodynamics! Entropy and the second law of thermodynamics       ...

Entropy Is Simple, Qulitatively


... presentation will be welcomed at entropy.lambert@gmail.com . [I greatly appreciate the courtesy of the Editors of the Journal of Chemical Education in permitting my lengthy revision to be placed on this Web site.] Entropy Is Simple, ...

Entropy and Gibbs free energy


... and think that the D H in it has nothing to do with entropy.   Prof: The whole Gibbs rela-tionship or function is about entropy change. Student: You’re wrong. Just that last term, TΔS, is entropy change. There’s always a conflict ...

A Student’s Approach to the Second Law and Entropy


... something happens than before (at a constant temperature).  Maybe entropy seems confusing and abstract when the first entropy equation is thrown at you in your text, about a change in entropy in a reversible process: ΔS = q rev / T.  ...

Disorder — A Cracked Crutch For Supporting Entropy Discussions


... chaos", but this quote is from an internationally distinguished chemist and author. 7 , 8 Entropy is not disorder.  Entropy is not a measure of disorder or chaos.  Entropy is not a driving force.  Energy's diffusion, dissipation, or ...

Entropy in General Chemistry


... Wikibooks “General Chemistry” Entropy in General Chemistry Contents Introduction What is entropy, really? What is entropy good for? Entropy proves that 'heat' will always flow from a hotter body to a cooler one What is the ...

Entropy and Constraint of Motion


... of Chemical Education in May 2004, vol. 81, pp. 639-640. Entropy and Constraint of Motion I would like to make several observations supplementing and supporting the article by Frank Lambert on entropy as energy dissipation, since this is ...

The Second Law of Thermodynamics (6)


... Entropy change doesn't measure "disorder"! (What are the dimensions of "disorder"? Malarkeys per minute or some such nonsense? The scientific dimensions of entropy change are joules/Kelvin.) Entropy change in chemistry measures the ...

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