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(S-5) Waves and Photons


... for space to support a wave motion alternating between the two? Sort of: magnetic field ---> electric current ---> magnetic field ---> electric current --->     There was one st-umbling block. Such a wave could not exist in ...

Electromagnetic Waves


... and we already know that electric currents produce magnetic fields. Would it perhaps be possible for space to support a wave motion alternating between the two? Sort of: magnetic field ---> electric current ---> magnetic field ...

(Q-7)   Wave Mechanics


(Q-7)   Wave Mechanics Site Map S-6 Xray Sun Glossary Timeline Questions & Answers Central Home Page (Q-7)   Wave Mechanics     Index S-2.Solar Layers S-3.The Magn-etic Sun S-3A. Interplanetary         Magnetic Fields S-4. Colors ...

"Get a Straight Answer"


... Electromagnetic Waves hello sir!!   i just want to know what is the effect of gravity on electromagnetic waves Reply An EM wave such as light is distorted very slightly by gravity. It takes a very strong gravitational field to produce a ...

The Many Colors of Sunlight


... "Mercury W/phos"). Neon lights operate in a similar way, with small amounts of other gases producing appropriate colors. The Wave Nature of Light     Prisms and



... you have an instrument sensitive enough to separate neighboring divisions. The place in the spread is connected to the wave nature of light, associated with wavelength, and a lot more can be said about those waves. The analogy in sound ...



... the situation is similar to a radio wave interacting with a visible light wave. Reply Your question can be answered at several levels. On the simplest level--two long wave trains of different well-defined frequencies--no, they do not ...

Waves in Space


... frequency ν = c / λ , the number of up/down oscillations per second when the wave passes any point in space ( ν is nu, the Greek lower case N).     Sound is such a wave, an osc-illation which can spread through air, water, walls and ...



... to give way, something it strenuously resists. The sound is a wave: the bullets make the armor oscillate and propagate the wave through it, without breaking its integrity.     Simil-arly with particles and electromagnetic radiation from ...

Maxwell and Hertz


... rigorous mathematical relations confirming Faraday's guess that a transverse electro-magnetic wave could exist, and that light is probably such a wave. He assembled the equa-tions of electricity and magnetism--the basic ones which did ...

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