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Fall 2003


Fall 2003 Spring 2004 Malden, 05/13 Malden, 05/13 Malden, 05/13 In Quebec, 05/30 Qu-ebec, 05/30 Quebec, 05/30 Quebec, 05/30 Maine, 05/31 Malden, 03/04 Malden, 03/31 Malden, 03/31 Malden, 03/31 Malden, 04/02 Malden, 04/02 Malden, 04/02 Malden, ...

Summer 2001


Summer 2001 Summer 2001 New York City, Brighton Beach New York City, Brighton Beach Yale-New Haven Hospital Yale-New Haven Hospital Yale-New Haven Hospital Yale-New Haven Hospital First Days at Home New Haven Hartford Hartford New Haven ...

Fall 2003


Fall 2003 Summer 2004 Mass., 06/20 Mass., 06/20 Mass., 06/20 Mass., 07/18 Malden, 07/28 Malden, 08/15 Niagara Falls, 08/20 Toronto, Ontario Place, 08/21 Mass., 06/20 Mass., 06/20 Mass., 06/20 Mass., 06/20 Mass., 06/20 Mass., 06/20 Malden, ...

404 Page Not Found. | Boston University Physics


404 Page Not Found. | Boston University Physics Physics About Directions Resources Home Directory Faculty/Lecturers Joint Faculty Research Scientists Research Faculty Emeriti Te-chnical Staff Administrative Staff Graduate Students Visitors ...

Multi-loop Circuits and Kirchoff's Rules


b to junction a by any route, and figure out what the potential at a is, you get the same an-swer for each route. If you got different answers, that would be a big hint that you did some-thing wrong in solving for the currents. Note also that ...



Menu Physlets in the First Semester Physlets in the Second Semester Pre-lab Assignments Interactive Physlet-based tutorials for electric field, electric potential, and capacitors EJS - Easy Java Simulations EJS Simulations created by ...

Uniform circular motion


Uniform circular motion Uniform circular motion 9-29-99 Sections 5.1 - 5.2 Uniform circular motion When an object is experiencing uniform circular motion, it is traveling in a circular path at a constant speed. If r is the radius of the ...

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Untitled Document                   Antonio H. Castro Neto Professor of Physics Ph.D. 1994, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Theoretical condensed matter physics at Boston University Department of Physics Boston University ...

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Untitled Document Main Menu : Home Research Funding Talks Curriculum Vitae Topics : Graphene Quantum Phase Transitions in Ordered and Disordered Systems Group/Visitors Some Recent Manuscripts and Publications+ Class notes Hobbies



PY 251 Principles of Physics Syllabus Fall Term 2010 Instructor: Claudio Rebbi Office: SCI 255 Phone: 353-9058, 358-5467 e-mail: rebbi@bu.edu Office hours: Mo 3:15PM-4:45PM, Fr 10:00AM-11:30AM and by appointment. Teaching assistants: Nick ...

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